You have decided to build your online assets. While social media platforms are much easier to kick start and maintain, a website is slightly more complicated than scheduling posts and replying comments. It requires thorough understanding towards the web language, Google’s algorithm, integration and so much more. Sounds complex? WhiteBean provides affordable yet effective services to help you!

Starting up a website can be messy at times. You have a long to-do list and do not know where to start. Our highly skilled professionals will help you through. By working together with us, not only you will see your website being setup properly, but also learn valuable knowledge along the way.

All our packages come with services as below.

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Unlimited Mailboxes
Web-based Email
Unlimited Auto Responders
Catch-All Email
Unlimited Email Forwarders
Control Panel
POP3/SMTP Server
Phone/Email Support


Buying a desired domain name is just the beginning. If you want people to be able to see the website, you must upload or publish the site with web hosting services. There are numerous types of web hosting services available.

In general, web hosting services is responsible to store all the files and documents in high-performance servers which is connected to highly efficient network. When a person inserts your website URL, the Internet will connect to the server which is holding your website information. Next, the server transmits your website data back to their computer. Finally, the user can view the pages of your website. Everything happens in a split second.

Managing the servers requires special skills. Install and integrate software, enforce website’s security, continuous technical support, managing bandwidth, speed and a lot more. WhiteBean takes care of everything for you. Our specialty in web hosting and innovative web solutions has helped clients from private sector and government agencies since 2011.


From small business and startups to large organizations, we have web hosting solutions for every company. Our mission is to provide professional and powerful hosting solution at affordable price range. Bloggers can opt for shared hosting while dedicated hosting will be more suitable for big corporates. Make your choice and start to venture in the multi-billion cyberspace!

Shared Hosting

It is like living in a condominium. Your website is sharing spaces with others in a server. This is essentially a go-to option for individuals, new business and startups because it is the easiest to start out on. Shared hosting is affordable, you are sharing the server’s cost with your neighbors. Besides, it is hassle-free, all the maintenance and security updates will be taken care of by us for you.

Due to its popularity worldwide, shared web hosting is often referred to as website hosting or simply web hosting. WhiteBean web hosting is attached with one of the most preferred operating systems in the world: Linux Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

You live in your own mansion. As the name suggested, you have the authorities to your own server and all the resources. No one else will get in your way. This is the most suitable for big corporate which needs tremendous flexibility and security. Custom hosting is flexible and customizable, you get to decide on the hardware and software specifications of the server that meet your business’s needs. It dedicates resource and guarantee performance because you are the sole owner of the server.

Besides, you will get full control and access to the server, configure, edit and improve your set up at any time, to suit your company’s needs. WhiteBean highly skilled professionals possesses prior technical to provide continuous supports and your business will run smoothly.


Publishing your website to the public means exposure. Since your website is your asset, you must protect it from hackers. Therefore, your website must have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to establish encrypted links on the Internet. This security protocol makes sure all information that stored and transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.


Properly setup your website is fundamental. Like any other businesses in the world, communication is essential. So, we offer email hosting to make sure your daily business communication is running smoothly.


Email Forwarders

Email forwarders simply means forwarding emails to an existing email address. Any replies you send will not show as having been sent from your custom email address.

Web-Based Email

Webmail allows the users to access their emails through a web browser. However, the users cannot read old and archived emails or draft new emails without internet connection.

Mailing Lists

This is helpful when you are sending emails to multiple recipients while keeping the recipients’ email address in private.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) uses port 25. It is used when email is delivered to an email server, from an email client or when the emails are delivered from one server to another. POP3 (Post Office Protocol) allows you to download an email from email server. Generally, POP3 uses port 110. IMAP (Internet Messenger Access Protocol) offers more features than POP3 and normally uses port 143. It lets the users to keep their emails on the server.

Catch-all Email

A ‘Catch All’ email captures emails sent to an invalid email addresses of the domain. Upon configuration, the email sent to any email address related to your domain will not bounce back.

Auto Responders

Unavailable now? Auto responder can help. This function is extremely useful for confirming the receipt of mail, or for informing correspondents that the recipient is unavailable.

Take Care Of Your Database

WhiteBean understands data is valuable. Therefore, we will take care of the data for you. Our database management system helps your business in various aspects including banking system and HR management system. The system is especially effective in optimizing transactional performance.


Basically, MySQL is the relational database management system. This runs on all major platforms including Linux, UNIX, and Windows.


With the system set in place, you can create and remove users as well as manage user permissions, search objects in the entire database easily, Import and export data in different formats, back up your MySQL databases effectively.


Internet is now and the future. Therefore, companies are continuously building their online assets. When it comes to the Internet, optimization is key. Allow us to help you in building your business online. Our advanced technology and highly skilled professionals are ready to offer you the solutions!