QR Code is everywhere.

It seems like businesses are addicted to feature QR Code into their marketing strategies. Brochures, food labels, shop windows, and even billboards. Advertisers try to get the best results from this little black and white box. Are you doing the same? Either you are a veteran marketer who is using QR Code or a newbie to this powerful marketing tool, one thing is clear, this little code builds a bridge to connect your business to the consumers. Furthermore, the public is enjoying the convenience brought by the QR Codes.


Created in 1994 by the Japanese, QR Code was a useful tool for inventory management. By the early 2000s, marketers started to experiment by featuring the code in marketing and advertising campaigns. Today, it has become the trend for businesses any size to invest in this affordable yet powerful method for sales and marketing purposes.

Although the trend has slowed down previously but it made a comeback in recent years, especially in Asia countries. QR Code was huge in China thanks to its mobility and convenience. And in Southeast Asia countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, up to half of the netizens are using the code in their daily lives for different objectives.


WhiteBean as one of the leading QR Code solution providers in Malaysia, understands the importance of effective advertising and marketing. Our mission is to help you achieve your business’s goals while providing excellent and hassle-free solutions. We have experiences in web and email hosting, QR Code solutions as well as software and applications development. Utilizing QR Code is just a tip of an iceberg. You need a brilliant back-office system to support. Our customizable back-office system captures any data you desired, to help in analyzing and optimizing your campaign. Besides, the system can be integrated with any system that you are currently using. No matter what idea you have in mind, we can realize your vision.

Online Contest Participation

Companies launched online contests to either encourage sales, create brand awareness or simply to engage with the target audience. By scanning the QR Code, the participants will be redirecting to a mobile optimized landing page. All the contest information, terms and conditions are stated clearly in the page. Upon reading and understanding the terms, the participants are ready to take part in the competition.

Shop Online

There are more than 21 million internet users in Malaysia. 33% of them used QR Codes to research and purchase online. It does not matter if you are selling your products offline or online, a QR Code can always help. The shoppers do not need to remember the lengthy URL, instead, all they have to do is to scan the code and acquire the information. By accessing the product’s description, they are most likely ready to purchase soon.

Interactive Advertisement

QR Code is no stranger to advertisements. Business owners feature the code whenever there is a chance. With clear direction on how to use the code and what to expect upon scanning the code, your potential customers are more likely to response. This is one of the ways to interact and engage with your target audience. After scan, it is your turn to start selling your ideas, products and services.

Self-Check-in System

Seminars, conference or events in any size can be benefited with QR Code system. Upon confirming on the attendance, the attendees will receive a unique QR Code. On the event day, the attendees can check-in by simply scanning the code without the need of showing printed documents. Besides, your event budget on hiring crew members can be more cost-effective.


This is probably one of the best ways for both you and your customers to redeem the goods. Simply create the codes and set up the back-office system for traceable and transparent data to be captured. All your customers need to do are scan and redeem, no printing required. You can create unlimited unique codes for one-time-only redemption or eternity code for unlimited amount of scan and redemption. Either way, you will be able to collect real-time data in WhiteBean back-office system. The insight will be showing in a convenient one glance dashboard.


There are 21 million smartphone users in Malaysia and the number is growing rapidly. By launching your mobile ad campaign, you are basically talking directly to your prospects. Interaction and engagement are almost guaranteed with well-design sales and marketing funnel. More and more organizations are building their online assets and presence. Website and social media platforms are the two “must-do” items on the list. While it is good to build the platforms to provide a good user experience, you must introduce and invite the prospects to your platforms. QR Code is playing an important role in this. Today, people no longer have to memorize the lengthy website URL as a QR Code will lead them to your website. Your prospects do not need to memorize the confusing page names on Facebook because they can be transported by scanning your QR Code. This method shortened the amount of time and lightened the burden from the users to reach your business.


Throughout the years, QR Code has improved in various aspects. It is no longer a black and white box. WhiteBean has the ability to turn it into one of your most prevailing marketing tools.

Your Code Has A Personality

Say no to plain jane codes. Our professionals give definition to your QR Codes. Your logo, your brand, your personality will shine through. Let the code speaks for itself and stand out from the crowd.

Your Code Has To Serve Its Purpose

Each code created caters to your business’ goal. With that in mind, we put in continuous effort to make sure your objective is fulfilled.

Your Data Is Your Assets

We understand data is valuable. Each detail collected can be gold. So, our customizable back-office system is responsible to capture and collect the information in real-time. All insight will be stored and shown in a one glance dashboard for your convenience.

Your Optimization Becomes Much Easier

With all the data collected, you can study and understand your audience much better. No more second-guessing yourself and shoot blindly.


QR Codes can be used for long-term and short-term sales and marketing campaigns. Once the prospects scanned, the back-office system captures the information. Then, you will have the insight to analyze and optimize your campaigns. Simply put, by understanding your prospects a little more and you are most likely to provide the products, services and information that they are looking for. The result? They are sold!