Let’s face it, businesses are about profits. Profits come from consumers. To achieve desirable profits, you must reach out to your prospects first. Therefore, generating leads is important. There are various channels to do that, QR Code is one of the most effective ways. And by creatively combining print marketing with QR Code, you can multiply your sales leads.

Printing the point of sales materials is still popular among businesses. Companies are still trying to reach and engage their target audience with the method. And marketers are putting efforts in marrying print and digital marketing, to achieve better results. It is working.


QR Code was one of the smart inventions from the Japanese for inventory management purpose. It is an upgraded version of barcode. QR Code can carry information in any format, and showing them all quickly in one single scan. QR Code is flexible enough to transform into a powerful marketing tool. Today, marketers use QR Code to generate leads, launching sales and marketing campaigns, new features in e-commerce and producing interactive marketing.

QR Code is the bridge to lead the offline users to become online prospects. From there, organizations are doing their best to convert the prospects into paying customers. Besides, companies are also retaining their customers through QR Code marketing.


The population in Malaysia is estimated at 32 million, more than 20 million of them are accessing the Internet daily. Therefore, print materials can be a powerful side-kick for your business. Aside from sharing and promoting the code online through various platforms, users can reach your business by scanning the code from flyers, brochures or pamphlets as well.

Interacting with the customers using QR code is practical. Upon reading and understanding the directions on the print materials, users who are interested will scan the code and acquire further information by themselves. It is most likely that they are ready to buy your ideas. You will generate hot leads from this, eventually.


Places to display your code must be rational. Radio and television have limitations on duration. Anything that is moving is not ideal to show your code. It leaves print material and gadgets the perfect match.

Business Cards

Aside from storing your contact information, your Facebook fan page, website URL or a welcome page are great options to stay in touch with your potential business partners and customers. A great place to place a QR Code.

Brochures, Flyers And Pamphlets

These point-of-sales-materials have longer life span than you can imagine. You never know how far your code can travel and hit potential customers.


The results of digital marketing are measurable and one of the ways to determine a campaign’s success rate is from leads generation. WhiteBean understands the importance of generating leads, therefore, we offer a customizable back-office system which displays important insights of your visitors and leads. Our system is extremely useful to integrate with your QR Code. You can easily capture leads from any types of campaign. Then, you can build a list of hot leads and convert them to purchasing customers.


Once the code redirects the prospects to a mobile-optimized landing page, it is time to start communicating with them. QR Code is not just a bridge to connect you and your target audience but a great tool to generate sales leads as well. It does not matter what is your idea, WhiteBean always have the solution on how to run your campaign successfully.

Sales Page

QR Code opens doors for you to reach your target audience. Once they have landed in your sales page, introduce yourself, tell them what are you selling, why are your products or services so good and how to purchase from you. Upon successful purchase, you earn the customer data in your database. Then you can sell to them over and over again.

Online Contest

There are always lengthy contest mechanism, terms and conditions and entry forms to fill in. A mobile-optimized landing page has unlimited space for you to put in the information. The audience can register and start participating in the game or contest by scanning the code.

Classes, Seminars And Conference

Taking attendance and managing attendees are done by just a single scan. You no longer need to allocate a big team in handling the arrival of guests and participants.


Save and secured, the codes cannot be duplicated or copied. Besides, the codes are easily read and scan through a smartphone or dedicated device. Each scan, the data will be captured and collected in the back-office system, for analysis and optimization purposes.

Display Coupons

Keep in touch with your customers. The user can scan the code and make a redemption. It is environment-friendly and a great way to capture a lead.

Feedback And Interact

Your customers have feedback on your products and services? No problem! A simple QR Code can replace lengthy URL, it makes contacting so much easier. Great customer service is key in keeping the customers.

Email Newsletters

QR Code is a great addition to email marketing to generate more leads, without extra cost. Plus, the code can be display on any display platforms be it digital or print. Your code gets to travel far and still trackable.


WhiteBean is one of the Leading QR Code solutions providers in Malaysia. We also specialized in mobile app and web development.  Our expertise includes design and develop premium e-solutions for various organizations including government bodies, listed corporates, small & medium enterprises and emerging start-ups. We can help you create and integrate any lead generation campaign with QR Code solution.


We Design Unique QR Codes

Visually attractive QR Code design is the first step to a successful lead generation campaign.

We Fulfill Your QR Codes’ Objectives

It doesn’t matter what are the objectives, we assist to realize your mission even though it’s just lead generation.

We Provide The Best Back-office System

Validate your codes, verify the entries and monitor the performance. A good back-office system offers all the data in one place.

We Help You To Optimize

By collecting all the useful data from the back-office system. Analyzing and optimizing your digital campaigns will be much easier! You can know your leads better and target them more effectively, lowering your advertising costs.


Tell us your idea and we will discuss with you to design a complete solution for your leads generation needs.