You have seen it before. But, have you done it already? The most crucial part of paper tickets are that they are a pain to print and easy to lose. Chances are, most of us had experience it. Living in this digital era, everything is about convenience and efficiency. Therefore, why not make it easier for your customers and visitors? After all, this is good enough reason to make new customers while retaining the loyal ones.

QR Code ticketing is not a rocket-science technology with the help from WhiteBean’s professionals. Simply engaging our services, you will have nothing to worry about. From creating the codes, setting up the back-office platform, integrating the systems, get tracking and reporting data in real-time, analyzing and optimizing the campaigns more effectively. All of the above is just a tip of an iceberg, QR Code ticketing brings more benefits than you would have imagined.


Mega events in China, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are empowered with QR Code based e-ticketing for attendees to check-in and ticket verification at the registration area. Without needing another app installed in the smartphone, the QR Codes are ready to be read and scanned. This allows you to have better control in crew members’ headcount and tasks. Days of manpower shortage are over!

The most common place we see this method being implemented is the cinemas. Customers can simply purchase movie tickets using an app, confirm the purchase and get a unique QR Code. Once they reach the gate, just scan the code and start enjoying their movies. On top of that, QR Codes are suitable for any other occasions for your business.



With the help of modern technology, you can have your event crew to focus on more important tasks such as security and other sudden incidents.


Online Contests

Stop counting the entries manually. By featuring the method into your contest strategy, each scan will be captured in the back-office system. You will have more time to evaluate the data and optimizing the campaign.


Conferences And Seminars

Purchase the tickets online and send the attendees their E-tickets with unique QR Codes. By capturing the data in the back-office system, you will get to know who was there and who was not. It will give you insights on better engagement with the audience the next round.


Smaller Scale Events

Organizing events in schools, community halls or even your office? QR Codes is just as effective. You save time in taking and counting attendance. At the end of the event, all the attendees’ information are captured simply by scanning the codes.


WhiteBean understands the importance of E-ticketing for businesses. Therefore, we have created full package services to fulfill your business’s needs. Essentially, our mission is to help you simplify your events procedures, from online ticket sales to actual event day. Managing attendees’ data, attendance and verifying E-tickets without hassle.

E-tickets Is Genuine

Each ticket is attached to a unique QR Code, no printing necessary. Attendance is real, and the security is assured.

QR Code Cannot Be Copied

To have a second level of security, codes can be set to be able to scan only once. Plus, you will eliminate any unwanted attendees.

Codes Are Unlimited

With QR Code ticketing, you will never have to worry about shortage of paper tickets. You can create as many codes as you need.

Easily Read And Scan

QR Codes are not tool-dependent. A smartphone will do the trick for reading, scanning and verifying.


Originally created for inventory management, the usage of QR Codes is widened throughout the years. We are proud to present to you the easy steps of deploying the method. It is not only speeding up your everyday business processes, but also improving your efforts in marketing and sales campaigns.

Creating QR Codes

Size does not matter. From local seminar to international conferences, we are ready to fulfill your requirement in number of codes needed.

Setting Up Back-office System

This is where the magic happens. By tracking each code, you will have the insights from the attendance. Upon obtaining the real-time data, you will be able to adjust your strategy without further delay.


Our system is user-friendly and adaptable to be integrated with almost any other system you would like. If there is any other system you would like to integrate, our pros are always ready.

Analyzing And Optimizing

Information shown in the back-office system are not just numbers. Every data collected are crucial for analysis and optimization. After all, data speaks louder than words. Furthermore, the data captured can further strengthen your future marketing plans.


Simple yet powerful method. By managing access to your events using QR code for each ticket and validating those tickets by scanning it at the door, you have got numerous benefits.


Paper-less Events

This is especially useful to simplify the check-in process and reduce expenses on printing materials.

Saving Time And Money

Systematically fasten the check-in process means convenient to the attendees. Plus, it is also saving time and money for you on event crews.

Accurate Tracking

Since human error has been removed or reduced at the check-in process, all attendees’ registration record kept is much more accurate and transparent.


WhiteBean as one of the leading QR Code solution provider in Malaysia, understands the power of QR Codes. And as you see more QR Code events coming in your way, the phenomenon proves QR Code is worth your every single penny. We are ready to show you the benefits.


By saving your business’s cost, you can do so much more.


Not only for you but most importantly, for your consumers.


Hassle-free method simplifies all the procedures while maximize your profits.


All results are traceable and transparent. The insight helps you to improve your campaigns and build your business further.

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