Digital era has evolved. We don’t necessary need a computer to go online. Instead, everybody is on the cyber space while travelling. Major online platforms such as Google and Facebook foresaw the potential and expanded their empire to mobile area. If you are having a hard time trying to reach your target audience, you might be missing that part. But don’t worry, WhiteBean is here to help. Multinational corporations, small and medium companies or even independent businesses are trying to reach as many people as possible. From placing ads on traditional media to search engines and social media, marketing strategies are changing according to the trend. And in recent years, QR Code has returned and once again become a hot thing to be included in the media plans.


QR (Quick Response) Code came from Japan. Originally created for inventory management and now it is one of the most powerful marketing method in the world. Much stronger than a barcode, a QR Code can hold so much information such as URL link, texts and images, geo-coordinates. Plus, the code can be scanned by any smartphone in the world. We have seen companies use QR Code in all the marketing materials to promote their assets, website, Facebook fan page, Instagram and so on. Now, they take it to the next level by communicating with the target audience using QR Code through sales and marketing campaigns, e-ticketing and also interactive advertisements. In short, businesses try to be reachable, as well as reaching users, even they are moving around.


Unlike traditional barcodes which only can store maximum 20 numbers and characters, QR Codes have high capacity encoding various types of data, capable of holding dozens of numbers and letters. Besides, QR Code can also fetch any type of data and information. Simply scan with your smartphone and the information you would like to deliver will be showing in seconds. QR Code is suitable for any businesses and campaigns. You can reach, interact, sell and manage with the codes that designed specifically to fulfill your business’s needs.


QR Code can be used to make process and production more systematic. Use the code to input production work data. By monitoring the production processes at a centralized location will make your day-in-day-out processes much more effective.


This is essentially what QR Code are invented for. It will be hassle-free to pick out items for shipping by simply scanning the codes on the goods. Another great way to manage inventory!


A great way for admission control at any event and seminar venue. QR Codes help the efficiency and accuracy of the admission procedure can be improved.


Using QR Codes to examine data of health checkups will make input more accurate and speedy.

Sales & Marketing Promotions

We see them more often than ever. QR Codes has replaced lengthy URL of websites and Facebook fan pages. Modernized QR Code offers extra features that make it especially suitable for reaching the prospects. The best part is, QR Code campaigns’ success are also measurable with our powerful back-office system!


It does not matter how and what your business advertise, QR Code is the trend to go for. As you see more companies are featuring QR Code in their media strategies, you should know by now just how powerful is that on mobile marketing. Let us show you the big WHY. Stay connected and interact with your audience today with our help!

QR Code Is A Dynamic Marketing Tool

QR Code has practically become a crucial part of any marketing campaign ever since it found its way into the commercial world. Without geographic limitation, your code can travel almost anywhere, reaching your target audience with just a scan.

QR Code Is Versatile

The method presents limitless possibilities to interact with your audience in a positive way. QR Code directly send your prospects to the desired digital space, it makes presenting information in any form much easier. From simple information to special promotions, you can provide almost anything to your audience in a web browser, with just one single scan.

Activate Your Customers

Your prospects are instantly more engaged with your sales and marketing message, by scanning the code. Since they make the decision to obtain further information, it is more likely that the message stay longer in their mind. Do not underestimate the advantage, as all consumers are facing hundreds of ads each day.

Instantly Attend To Customers’ Feedback

Once you start to interact with your prospects, converting them to become paying customers and keeping them as your loyal fans is crucial. One of the simple yet great way to do it is using QR Code. As the code offers a channel for them to feedback on your products and services, you can further engage your customers through contact information collected from the occasion.

QR Codes Technology Is Viable

The beauty of QR Code is that, it is affordable and no geographic boundaries. It can reach your audience at anytime and anywhere since it is targeting mobile users. No costly tools required, your audience can reach you with just a smartphone.

Measurable Results

We are living in the digital era and data is king. Measuring the campaign’s success has never been easier. Each scan is captured and counted. Plus, you will get to know more insights with our back-office system as well. In short, the result is accurate and trackable in real-time.


There are about 20 million mobile users in Malaysia as we speak. The number is predicted to reach a new height of 21 million in no time. You are essentially penetrating the lives of millions by featuring QR Codes in your marketing strategies. WhiteBean is one of the leading QR Code solution provider in Malaysia and we are ready to show you various benefits of mobile marketing. Talk to us now!