As a veteran in the digital field, we provide a full range of premium technology services from Self Service Kiosk system, QR Code solutions, Web & Mobile app development to secure hosting services. Our expert services will ensure your marketing campaigns and business needs are met.



We are a one-stop tech-solutions provider, providing you hassle-free IT and Digital implementations to support your business operations.

Web Apps And Mobile Applications That Provide Convenience

Software and applications are in our daily lives. They are here to make our lives easier. With a clear business objective in mind, you can create a powerful and practical application to help and achieve your business’s goals. Besides, our back-office system can show you the insights on your app’s performance.

Infrastructure & Custom Services To Ensure Your Business Run Smoothly

WhiteBean started as a hosting and co-location services provider in 2011. Our seasoned professionals are filled with ideas, skills, and knowledge to help your business to stay on top. We provide customizable services that suit your business’s needs. By partnering with us, you are guaranteed to get premium services at an affordable price.


Online Assets Are Sustainable And Scalable

A well-designed digital application has unlimited possibilities. You can always start small and expand as your business grows bigger and stronger. We will help you to build and maintain your online properties according to your business objectives.

WhiteBean Crafts The Finest DIGITAL APPLICATIONS That Fit On All Devices

Your prospects are everywhere. Each of them is using different types of devices to access the internet. therefore, designing your website or mobile applications for only one type of device will leave the others with negative experience. WhiteBean is one of the leading tech-solutions providers in Malaysia who understands the importance of mobile-optimization. Started our footprint in 2011, we have helped our clients to build and maintain responsive websites, mobile apps and custom software applications ever since.

Brands We Had Work With

We have the privilege to work with some of the best brands in town. We would love to work with yours too!


We digitize your idea. We believe in technology. We save you costs.


Integrated Kiosk Hardware

WhiteBean hardware partner manufactures the whole kiosk from the ground up. Providing you a wide range of integrated peripherals for your custom self service kiosk solution.

Customisable System & Software

Our software was developed using a modular system. Thus, we can customize according to your requirements quickly. Most importantly, your solution stands out among your competitors.

Seamless End-to-end Integration

Our years of experience as an application development company, assures you that these complex systems can communicate with each other and also integrate with your existing system, ie: POS or ERP systems.

User Friendly Interface (UI)

Bad user experience will affect your business. We will work with you to ensure your self service kiosk UI is as easy as possible, even to the elderly. Most importantly, they get what they are looking for.

Smooth Implementation

This type of solutions are complex. Our veteran consultants and project managers will lead you through the whole cycle, hassle-free.


A Dynamic Marketing Tool

Organizations launch marketing campaigns online. Without geographic limitation, QR Code has practically become a crucial part of any marketing campaign ever since it found its way into the commercial world.

Limitless Interaction Possibilities

QR code presents versatile interaction possibilities with your audience, limited by your imagination.


Activate Your Customers

Your prospects are immediately more engaged with your campaigns, since they initiate the action first. Do not underestimate this advantage, as all consumers face hundreds of ads each day.

A Viable Technology

This technology can reach your audience anytime and anywhere, since it is targeting mobile users. No costly tools, your audience can reach you with just a smartphone.

Measurable Results

In a digital era where data is king, measuring campaigns’ success has never been easier. Comprehensive insights of information can be analyzed with our back-office system. Providing you accurate and trackable results to enhance your campaigns.


Website Building Is More Sophisticated Today

As the users evolved, so are the technologies. WhiteBean is expert in creating well-designed websites that are suitable for any screen size. Responsive website was introduced a few years back. By grasping the idea of responsive website, you are enhancing your SEO, too!


We make sure your website offers search engines as much as possible.


Lightweight is what we do, it minimizes the loading time of the website.


We ensure your website fit any screen size. This provides better user experience.


We design websites cater to real users. This ensure higher ROI.

Maintenance And Optimization

Your website should be maintainable and scalable according to your business’s needs.


The interfaces of your website and application will always at the top quality.


Testing And Fitting

WhiteBean crafts the finest e-commerce store that allows your customers to make purchase on any devices.


Your e-store is attractive and user-friendly. Your customers should be proceeding to checkout without interruption.

Conversion Says It All

Businesses are all about ROI. Therefore, it is crucial to have an e-commerce store that is effective and efficient. WhiteBean builds visually attractive e-stores with high security. Online shopping has become the trend, therefore, you are in a cutthroat competition. To stand out from the crowd, your conversion is very much depending on the store’s attractiveness, security and convenience. Partnering with us means that you are one step closer to getting a high conversion e-commerce website.

Plan And Strategize

Having an e-store is good. Partnering with expert who understands e-commerce strategy would be the best!

One-stop Offer

WhiteBean provides full range services, simple integration to tailored e-commerce applications.


Web App Has No Boundaries

Due to its ubiquity of web browsers, cross operating systems compatibility and easy to maintain approach, web app is the go-to solutions for businesses. Either your application is catering to internal staff or millions of users, our team of experts can help you to achieve the success.

Fit Into Any Device

Stop worrying about the operating systems and different size screen, we deliver a web app that looks great anywhere while functioning perfectly.


You should have full control over your content. With WhiteBean’s help, maintaining and optimizing a web app become effortless.


55% Of Malaysians Spend More Than 5 Hours A Day On Mobile Devices

Malaysians is the leading country in terms of time-spent on mobile devices, according to Counter Point Research. Therefore, having a visually attractive and user-friendly mobile application is crucial to connect with your prospects. Also, we make sure the app delivers results to you. A well-crafted app helps you to build your brand and business. Android, IOS or even web app, we deliver a flawless app to create brand awareness and increase ROI.


As the world largest mobile device’s operating system, it is important for your app to be made available to Android users. There are more than 1 million users join the system daily. Let us help you to leverage on the advantages of having the best android app.


Our development team has in-depth understanding of Apple products. We promise you an app that is user-friendly, highly secured and feature-rich in this operating system.

Hybrid / HTML 5

WhiteBean has developed various hybrid apps that cater to different business needs. Our experts research and analyze your current situation, then establish and design effective framework to meet your requirement.



User Experience Is The Most Crucial Part For Any Applications

It does not matter if your target audience is internal staff, external business partners or end users. Your app is showing to a real user. The user’s experience plays an important role in generating success. WhiteBean experts speak from experience, implement the best practice for both UX and UI to help you in building the best app for your business.

Renewable Knowledge

Our experts are constantly reading and learning the latest technology to keep you and your business updated.

Strategizing For UX / UI

Either you have an existing app that you want to optimize, or you are planning to have your own app, we are ready to roll.


The app is catering to end-users. Therefore, we will help you to build an app that is user-friendly.

Results And Performance

Users are easily annoyed with bugs. Therefore, we will run tests and make sure your app performs at its best.

Visually Attractive

Our creative team helps you to build an app is that beautiful and practical.

Fit Into Any Screen

Size does matter! Let us help you to do the work by making sure the app fits into any screen size.

Infrastructure Consultancy & Server and Network Administration

Setting up business IT infrastructure requires time and skills. WhiteBean experts have extensive experience in servers & network technology and provide professional administration to ease you of the daily hurdles. Let us do the part while you focus on developing your business.

IT Support And Maintenance

Avoid all the technical hassle! Let us update, maintain and optimize your IT system.


WhiteBean Experts Supports You All The Way

For almost 2 decades, we provide tech-solutions to various businesses from different industries, both local and international. As one of the leading tech-solutions providers in Malaysia, our mission is to provide top quality and reliable services to our customers.

We Are Ready To Roll Our Sleeves.

Whether you are looking for web and mobile app development, QR code solutions, self service kiosk solutions or hosting services, our experts are ready to serve. Let us realize your vision and start building your online properties.