Today, a self-ordering kiosk can be a crucial element in upgrading your restaurant experience. Such a self-service solution allows customers to submit their orders and pay while avoiding waiting in long queues. All because you would always strive to create a fantastic customer experience and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Must-Have Features In A Good Kiosk Self Ordering Software

Implementing a self-ordering kiosk does not necessarily mean it will be a good fit for your business. It is necessary to make sure that the system has all the functionality you need to make it worth implementing. 

Here are a few features you need to include in self-ordering software.

Menu building

Creating an eye-popping menu that highlights your marketable items can be a difficult task. You need to show your customers many appealing photos of each item and allow individuals to click on various menu options to view a description or a list of ingredients. This way leads to an increase in impulse sales and frees up employees. You can also save money on printing and laminating when physical menus get destroyed or when the menu changes. With most systems, you can update the menus quickly with a few button pushes.

Menu prompts

Along that same vein, when a customer fills out their order, the system can efficiently walk them through many options for up-selling. These prompts can be easily added to most POS software apps, leading to decreased errors and potential in up-sales.


An automated system can also prompt customers to input their phone number or email address to receive promotions. This way allows customers to enter their information for future marketing. You can also encourage customers to sign up for loyalty programs by offering a discount for future purchases.

Variety of payment options

A lack of payment options at your kiosk could turn your customers away. Digital wallet is ubiquitous nowadays, and you can add this option to your payment system. If your restaurant also uses gift cards, you will want to make sure that you run your kiosk to accept those, for instance.

QR Code scanner

QR Code feature can be a lifesaver for quick-service cafes. Having a scanner that pins up to your kiosk directly can allow customers to purchase self-serve items by themselves and paying for them simultaneously.

Kitchen display system support

If you are operating a larger restaurant with a busy kitchen, having your kiosk synchronize to your Kitchen Display System (KDS) is essential. This implementation allows your chefs to see the corresponding order accurately, and they can view any special alterations that customers put in themselves. It also eliminates a time-consuming step for your staff in the restaurant.

Customer notifications

You can inform customers when their orders are ready through an individual screen or their mobile phones. It can also be a valuable way to gather customer information for planned marketing campaigns.

Tip prompts

It is a simple feature but has a significant impact on your business’s bottom line. You can offer a prompt to add a gratuity that is proven to increase earnings across the board. This method is also a non-intrusive way to gently nudge customers to reward your staff for their commendable service.

Things to Consider When Using Kiosk Self Ordering Software

Potential confusion

If you implement software within a system that is not exceptionally intuitive or has an interface that is not user-friendly, it could defeat the kiosk’s purpose entirely. Likewise, if a server must routinely walk customers through the ordering process, it will negate any meaning the kiosk could otherwise provide.

Customer reluctance 

Many people still prefer the traditional way to order by speaking to a human employee. A mix with human touch might prove beneficial occasionally.


We have already addressed how kiosks may help your restaurant cut down on labor costs in the long term. However, you will likely need to do some math upfront to determine if the investment will be worth it. In the end, kiosks are not exactly cheap and, if not implemented correctly, you will never get the return of investment you are looking for.

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Image Credits: Michael Browning