Self-service kiosks are everywhere today, ready to serve customers across many businesses. There is no doubt that they have transformed many industries for the better. Today we will examine the various benefits to help those interested in kiosks better understand if they may fit their case.

Automation Through Self-Service Kiosks 

Self-service kiosks are digital message centers that feature either static screens or touchscreens. Both are interactive to users. Kiosks that use touchscreens allow users to access a specific set of automated assistance. At the same time, static displays are generally used only to display a single image or collection of pictures with information, such as a digital advertisement. 

The purpose of self-service kiosks is to support customers to interact with a company, product, brand, or service, via automated means without requiring additional staff, like customer service agents. Self-service kiosks are becoming quite popular in many different circumstances. Still, some of the most popular applications include quick-service restaurants, movie theaters, airport check-ins, hospital, and college campuses. 

The Main Purpose of Self-Service Kiosk

The primary purpose of a self-service kiosk is to allow customers to complete various everyday tasks independently without the assistance of dedicated staff. This task can range from ordering food, purchasing train or bus tickets, and depositing or withdrawing money from bank accounts. The ultimate objective is to give users more choice and better efficiency. 

While self-service kiosks require an initial investment, self-service kiosks offer companies the ability to automate simple processes, diminishing the need for an additional workforce.

Some Advantages of a Self-Service Kiosk

One of the main reasons self-service kiosks have become popular so quickly is that they allow businesses to engage with their customer base on their terms. As you can guess, there are a few benefits to start by taking this method:


Many services are now automated, including airport check-in, ticket dispensing, and bill payments. Thus, self-service kiosks free up the workforce to assist in other areas, especially those that potentially require more personal attention. For example, self-service kiosks allow both staff and visitors to check in to a business location without assistance. This arrangement keeps the front office staff from wasting valuable time.


Since self-service kiosks are digital tools, they can often adapt to different circumstances without requiring an entire redesign. For example, a self-service kiosk can undergo a software update to handle visitor check-in and wayfinding for the customers at the same time.


Most digital kiosks now connect to cloud-based servers. This means they are remotely accessible, loading new content quickly, update software automatically, and troubleshooting without having ever physically approached the kiosk itself. Conclusively, this means that once set up, the staff can maintain the kiosk reasonably easily. 


One of the trademarks of self-service kiosks is efficiency. You can integrate automation into many basic customer services. Thus, a single, self-service kiosk can often handle many transactions that a single employee solely could not.

Increased Profits

While self-service kiosks require an initial investment, they have an excellent ROI. Since customers can engage with companies on their terms, the upsell potential is much better, increasing potential earnings.


A well-designed self-service kiosk can free up floor space in premium places, such as stores or restaurants. 

Customer Satisfaction

With more responsive service and freedom, customer satisfaction will usually increase. Many individuals, especially Millennials, prefer to serve themselves, and a self-service kiosk allows them to precisely do that. 

More Digital Marketing Opportunities

Self-service kiosks allow promotions to be displayed digitally on the screen and its enclosure. This method offers an opportunity to advertise to surrounding foot traffic.

Attractive Design

Self-service kiosks are effortless to locate. You can design them in ways that attractively showcase a company’s brand while improving its public-facing image.


Self-service kiosks offer a multitude of benefits with few disadvantages. And while they do need up-front investment, their deployment can result in excellent ROI for businesses and greater overall customer satisfaction.

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Image Credits: José Martín Ramírez Carrasco