Today, many restaurants are starting to integrate self-service kiosks into their POS system to satisfy customers’ convenience. It happens not only in fast food but also in many types of sit-down dining.

Your customers can benefit a lot from the convenience self-service kiosk provide. While on the other side, there are also many gains from a business standpoint. Simply put, it is a win-win for the business. You can offer better services to satisfy your customers’ demands while increasing your restaurant revenue by making it more efficient without diminishing their convenience.

Here is the list of four good reasons why you should implement a self-service kiosk into your restaurant business. 

Increased revenue

A food business that employs self-service kiosks has seen an increase in its customers’ spending. The reason behind it is that your kiosks prompt side dishes to your customers to upsell your kitchen products. Specials and other menu items might be missing on traditional menu boards. Because the menu is digital, you can consistently offer to upsell potential. In many hospitalities businesses, it proves to be a big hurdle when you need to boost earnings.

Better Quality Product

After implementing self-service kiosks, one or two of your staff members can shift to more crucial business areas. It includes the kitchen to speed up the increased order and improve food quality. They can also help your customers faster whenever they need something to enhance their experience while dining in your restaurant.

Improved customer experience

Self-service kiosks improve customer experience with touch-screen self-service kiosks. Your customers can choose from a wide range of menus without the limit of a traditional board menu. You can input several images per food item to increase their interest. 

Another convenient thing for your customers is, they don’t have to wait for your staff to take the order, which values their time. At the same time, it speeds up the process and increases table turns at your restaurants.

Enhanced order accuracy

Your customers can customize their orders using a self-service kiosk. It reduces complaints because they are the ones who order them and can not blame your staff because of miscommunication. They can quickly review their orders to make sure 100% correct before paying. 

At the same time, it also reduces mistakes from your staff, especially during peak hours. It would be best to integrate an excellent interface to ensure that even non-tech-savvy customers can quickly and easily place orders.


As a restaurant owner, bear in mind that there are many advantages your can gain from a self-service kiosk. It benefits your staff, customers and increases your business potential. Keep in mind, though, that you need to make sure to include human interaction still. Even though we live in the technological world, human still yearns for interactions with people. It would help if you balanced both to your advantage. 

With versatility in mind, WhiteBean self-service kiosk solution offers a comprehensive combination of peripheral options. We can integrate any requirements your business needs into a restaurant POS system + self service kiosk that no one has created before. Take a look at how WhiteBean’s customized self-service kiosk can fit into your customers’ experience initiative.

Image Credits: Toa Heftiba