Temperature self-check kiosk is a better alternative compared to handheld body temperature measurement which is common since the Covid pandemic. Temperature self-check kiosk is preferable because it essentially demands no contact thus decrease the spread of coronavirus as originally intended.

This automation device is more practical to detect whoever has abnormal readings. It will save time both for your employee and reduce the queue time.

This technology has proven to be very beneficial to mass temperature measurement such as in a place with high density. Another hidden benefit of temperature self-check kiosk is to avoid people linger around to immediately follow the procedure thus reduce the risk of the spread. 

How do Temperature Scanning Kiosks work?

Automation stands out the most in temperature scanning kiosks. Any customers need to step within the target range, which is normally around 30 cm to 90 cm. Each customers’ forehead is scanned using infrared to detect the body temperature. 

The software will analyze any body temperature higher than the threshold. If there is any abnormal readings among the customers, additional screening may be included with a manual thermometer and a quick interview about the symptoms. This procedure is integral in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Temperature scanning options

They are two parts of the body which is commonly used to scan for temperature changes in the human body. First by scanning the forehead which is the most common method. However, hair placement sometimes makes it difficult to get a reading. 

Another alternative growing in popularity is by scanning the wrist. It contains a lot of blood vessels which are also close to the skin surface, thus this method of scanning can also be reliable for a temporal temperature reading.

Both forehead and wrist infrared are accurate, so you can choose either one that suits your business. 

Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosks

Contactless Screening 

This can be said to be the primary benefit of temperature self-check kiosks where it allows for screening to everyone entering a building. 

Manual usage of hand-gun thermometer taken by a person which is less than 2 meters. This system is not always perfect, as there is a risk of human error and additional labor costs while at it.

However, a temperature self-check kiosk can deliver a truly contactless solution. It is better to be safe than sorry by checking for fevers while still on your business grounds.

Restricting Building Entry

Many additional features can be integrated such as allowing your business to limit building access when the visitors are having an abnormal reading. This can be done using a badge scanning feature. They can scan the badge before entering the parameter. 

This will ensure every visitor that is entering the building has zero risks of the disease.

Efficiency and Consistency

Temperature self-check kiosk only takes 1-2 seconds for every person with consistency and also reduces human error.

Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispensing

You can house contactless hand sanitizer on a temperature self-check kiosk. Every visitor will be encouraged to keep their hands clean as they get inside the building. Using a motion detection sensor, an automatic hand sanitizer will dispense a needed amount of sanitizer, avoiding contact between the visitors and self-check kiosks.  

Temperature Reporting & Alerts

You can also have temperature reports and alerts by using a self-check kiosk. It triggers when there is abnormal reading, and a report will be sent to your staff for following the next procedures. 

This is crucial in hospitals where all patients and employees are screened, so it reduces the risk of endangering other patients’ health within the hospital.

Facial Recognition

Temperature self-check kiosks can also apply facial recognition into their program that can identify your staff even when they are wearing masks. It can also notify them when they are not, which is important to remind them in following the health protocols. 

A photo will be taken after the visitor is standing at a distance from the kiosks. It will then process the image to identify the visitor and match them with their records.

Digital Signage and Custom Messaging

You can apply health tips on the screen of the kiosk which is beneficial to remind visitors about the protocols.

Lower Labor Costs

Certainly, with no requirement of staff to do each scan manually, you can assign them to a more complex task. There is also less human error, and the automation system will shorten your health protocols to increase the cycle of the visitors. 


Since the pandemic, temperature screening kiosks can be said to become an essential part of everyday activities for a lot of people. A technology that delivers fast, efficient, and safest way for all individuals if we are comparing them to manual checking. 

Temperature self-check kiosk is a must-have for busy working places to improve the safety of people as well as cutting of unnecessary labor cost.
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Image Credits: Mufid Majnun on Unsplash