There are many implementations of self-service kiosks in various fast-food restaurants. This technology helps facilitate large volumes of customers ordering every day. With faster processing methods, they can serve more people and increase revenue in the end.

A smaller version of these self-service kiosks can also be seen on top of individual tables at a dining restaurant. This e-menu catalog shows menu items and their prices and allows customers to order and pay directly from the kiosks. While this technology still has something to work on, it definitely will help increase efficiency when ordering food in the long run.

Several studies have shown that customers will order 20% more from a kiosk than through a waiter. The main reason is that kiosk is a machine, and they will not judge how much you order, unlike your server.

In the end, self-service kiosks allow the business to reach out to more customers while at the same time increasing sales opportunities. There are many benefits you can get from implementing a self-service kiosk.

Increase Customers Loyalty

A self-service kiosk can display product information completely from pricing, availability, and features. This machine that stores all information about your products certainly makes your customers easier to decide and reduces errors compared to ordering through a waiter. Any specific customization you make is recorded on the kiosk. Customers can add every small detail, and you do not need to worry about the waiters’ notes being too small, as the kiosk has memorized all your specified orders in seconds.

This different experience to customize a meal to your liking provide the convenience of a kiosk that will increase customer loyalty. More importantly, you do not need to wait for the waiter to write all your orders down, with modifications, and repeat the order to reduce the error.

Advertise Your Business

Advertising your business has never become so easy these days. A kiosk placed strategically in a lot of foot traffic, along with catchy messages and offering customers for all one purpose, building a greater brand identity. They can help your brand reach to their full potential, stimulate interest simultaneously, and ultimately increase sales.

Reduce Cost

This technology requires a greater initial start-up cost to purchase and set up a kiosk, while you can cut the monthly expenses to maintain a kiosk that tends to be much lower. A kiosk can reduce the number of employees, and businesses gain efficiency from saving labor costs. 

While it may be true, we encourage restaurants not to view self-service kiosks as labor reduction. Instead, it becomes a tool for your staff to support more challenging job functions. For example, while you can reduce waiter to collect orders using a self-service kiosk, you can move the staff’s role to a more complex and direct towards customers satisfaction.During these transitions in technology and staff functions, you must keep the main goal in mind: customer satisfaction.

WhiteBean F&B self service kiosk are designed from the ground up to handle effortlessly and digitalize the menu and ordering aspect of businesses to accommodate the new normal. Contact professionals at WhiteBean to learn how to implement contactless ordering in your restaurant.

Image Credits: Isaac Smith