For several years now, the popularity of the kiosk POS system has skyrocketed as it can provide faster checkout for your restaurant business. At the same time, your customers can stay safe dining and purchasing by embracing little face-to-face interaction. However, it keeps revolutionizing the restaurant industry even today by offering many influential features to develop your business to an even higher level.

Features like streamlined and quick transactions, restaurant management, and kiosk interface play a significant role in satisfying your customers’ needs. In the end, all this effort leads to a more considerable profit margin for your business.

Take a look at several must-have features you need to implement into your kiosk POS system for your restaurant.

Streamlined Checkouts

Software that supports quick, easy, and efficient checkouts means that many transactions you’ll face throughout the day won’t be a problem.

It would be best if you had fast, easy, and efficient checkout. It ensures swift transactions throughout the day, especially during peak hours. It would help if you maximized your POS system potential in this aspect. You can increase table turns with quick checkout features, thus maximize your earning potential during peak hours.

Easy to Navigate Interface

While learning on the fly around the app should not be a significant problem for most customers, as the interface is mostly easy to navigate and to the point. You can ensure this will not be a problem for your older guests by appointing staff to handle several tables simultaneously. She can approach any customers with potential issues while at the same time welcoming guests to their respective tables. 

Although, it is still vital to use an easy-to-navigate interface to save your customers the headache of learning from a complex POS software and train your staff to use it as well. 

User Permissions

You can use the POS system to allow specific employees to handle manager features. This permission set can pinpoint each of your staff responsible for returns, payouts, or discounts your restaurant gives to your customers. 

Your manager can access your customers’ data and maintain the task for each given day. You can later analyze the data to view profit and loss reports of your restaurant and expense management and your customizable reports if any.

Customer Service

Having issues during your business operations can impact your business’ productivity. You need a reliable customer service feature to fix this problem within minutes. You need to include the customer support section in your POS system so that you can access it whenever you need it.


Use could-based data to sync your POS system so that you will not lose any valuable data of your business at any point of time. Whereas for a non-cloud based solution, you may encounter some problems with your hard drive or power outages. 

Synchronising your data to the cloud can minimize the impact to resume everything like normal once you have fixed the problem. It is also essential to include offline functionality to keep your restaurant running during this time. 

Sales Management Tools

This feature grants you the capability to track your staff members’ productivity. Each sale can be tracked for each staff member. Thus, you can reward according to their performance. You can also increase your staff productivity by setting KPI based on the information tracked in the system and let them compete on sales weekly or monthly.

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Image Credits: Sigmund