Self-serving kiosk has been increased in popularity even before the pandemic occurs. Even now, this trend can only continue.  With such automation and practical uses, a lot of business owners have taken benefits from it. Daily business operation can be now offer effective and efficient service all at the same time. 

What are some benefits you can use from self-service kiosk? 

Assuring Safety for Customers and Employees

Since COVID-19, the main priorities of many business owners have simply been ensuring the safety for everyone. Every pandemic outbreak associated with your company would affect your reputation, as well as to the health and wellbeing of your customers and employees involves.

Reducing contact between your employees and customers directly can be the best solution here. That is where self-service kiosk come in handy. Many inquiries and tasks can be solved with a self-service kiosk in the store. At the end of the line, customers can feel much more ease, knowing they can reduce face-to-face contact as much as possible from the interaction with a human being for whole duration of their visit into the store. 

However of course, you will still need to maintain one important thing, which is ensuring the kiosk stay clean and sanitized all day long. A schedule to clean and sanitize your kiosk is important. A proper standard operating procedure can be implemented. If this can be taken care of, ensuring your customers and employees safety can be so easy.

Saving Company Resources

The pandemic has huge impact to many businesses. Many have to cut employees’ payroll to compensate the decrease income. However, decreasing your employees’ number does not mean your business operation should be affected. Self-service kiosk may fill in the hole. 

Labor cost has taken huge budget of every service business. So, why not just automate this if you can save labor cost? They do not need benefits, monthly wage, bonus, and they work all day long. Essential employees can focus more in delivering service and more difficult tasks.

Automation is an integral part for your business future. Not only it will be able to reduce cost, but automation also has benefits in keeping your business stay afloat with state of the arts services.  A riskier task can be taken care of by machine. Of course, this will save a lot of health insurance when things go awry.

Streamlining Your Business

Efficiency plays integral part in your profits. When every part of your business work quickly and effectively, your business can generate higher profits than a slow and inefficient manual procedure. Self-service checkouts can help increase the efficiency by speeding up everything.

When your customers want to look up for your service, they can do that easily rather than waiting for your staff to arrive. Some customers will enjoy more control on what they are searching for, because it allows your business to engage with the customers based on their own terms.

With many services turning to automation such as airport check-in, bill payments, other manpower is available to assist in other important areas that require more personal attention. For instance, your customers can search for what they want first, before they go to the front office staff which will save a lot of valuable time on everyone involved.

Increase Your Sales

There are a lot of challenge in increasing your sales during pandemic crisis. Customers would take more consideration in going out, with many protocols involves and spending their hard-earned income. Your selling strategy need to improvise. What does the customers want, when they want it, and use this information to its full benefits? 

You can use kiosk to collect research data for your business. Which promotion has the most sales? Which one is not? Automation can be implemented. Any offers can be based on currently trending items. You can also use kiosk to promote new things to introduce to your customers, as well as discount and benefits to increase sales. It’s easy and non obstructive to implement upselling and cross-selling in your kiosk sales strategy.


To be able to adapt to your customers’ requirements quickly means that this technology is becoming critical part in maintaining your customers satisfaction. Self-service kiosk can also enable your customers to be more informed about your business services and trends on the market. You can place all the necessary information on self-service kiosk thus reducing human errors. The increases in customers satisfaction will create a customer base which are more knowledgeable on your business services.

With more freedom and quicker services while using a self-service kiosk, customer satisfaction will increase. Nowadays, many individuals, millennials for instance, prefer to serve themselves and self-service kiosk fulfill this need.

WhiteBean’s self service kiosk solution is designed to help keep your customers safe and improve their experiences. For more information on this technology and how it can boost your business, contact the experts at WhiteBean today.