First of all, when you consider implementing self-ordering technology in your restaurant and bars businesses, then you are definitely on the right track. There are many benefits you will get by using this technology. You can eliminate many common mistakes by asking the customers to order themselves. Many customers prefer to place their order on their own because it can save the hassle of queuing and order with busy staff who can make an error from time to time. In the end, it can improve customers’ experience, which leads to repeat orders in the future.

Think about it. Besides increasing the revenue, your restaurants and bars also minimize the payroll by reducing the number of staff handling orders. You can task more staff to enrich customers’ experience instead.

Self-Ordering Technology

Most people today are used to placing orders online for everything. Ordering food themselves has become a comfortable area for your customers. With a restaurant POS system, self-ordering technology is easy to implement. Check out below which technology is better to integrate into your restaurants and bars businesses.

Online Ordering System

Online ordering gives your restaurants and bars maximum control on your customers to order. It is fast, easy and at the same time reduces human error. Your customers can give clear instructions on what is wanted.

Like the kiosk system, the kitchen instantaneously receives the order once an online order is placed.

In-App Ordering System

An application gives your business unique options. For example, you can utilize the GPS function to find the closest location to your potential customers for multi-location restaurants or bars. 

Customers can place their orders through a secure credit card payment system. They can even save their information for fast repeat orders. It also includes previous orders, favorite meals of friends, family members, and coworkers. These options save your customers much time, and they appreciate that.

Efficiency in Self-Ordering Technology

Efficiency improves your restaurants and bars operations and also boosts profits. Here are several reasons why self-ordering technology help achieves those.

Fast and Seamless Menu Updates

To add new menu items to the printed menu costs you resources and time to get it done. You also waste your previous printout menus. With an online ordering system or app, you can easily add new menu items quickly for free. This practice can help you to showcase your restaurants and bars specials as often as you like.

Coupons and Advertisements

Using an online menu system, you can add a catchy button to coupons or feature food specials to encourage your customers to order more than usual.

Improved Customer Service

As mentioned previously, your restaurants and bars can focus all resources available on order and delivery instead of the traditional ordering system, which may cause errors. Customers will receive perfect orders every time, thus reduce unnecessary complain and effort to solve the issues.

Never Missed Your Order

Calling in is no big deal for your customers. However, they can be caught in a rush and miss a phone call. Every order is received when orders go directly using an app or website, especially during busy hours.

How to Implement

If you consider expanding your business to a self-ordering one, there are different ways to go about it; however, the most common is using a website. There are many easy ways to create a complete web page with your menu, along with a check-out form to process credit and debit cards with POS software. 

Supposedly you are considering setting your restaurant up with a point of sale (POS) software. In that case, you can start looking for a POS system that can adapt to your restaurant self-ordering system. POS software is flexible to change in case your business start to grow soon.

You can keep the historical data of your customer’s purchases using a restaurant self-ordering system. This data will allow you to know what is popular and what isn’t. You can also use it to track your business inventory and eliminate employee errors.

Self-ordering has expanded beyond just pizza delivery and fast food to include a broad spectrum of restaurant types, including fine food, family restaurants, and bars. In the end, it makes it easier for your customers to get what they need quickly and accurately, no matter what type of restaurant you have.

For more information on this technology and how it can boost your business, contact the experienced self service kiosk professionals at WhiteBean today.

Image Credits: Clem Onojeghuo