Like many other IT solutions, self-service kiosks are becoming more integrated along with many other technologies and participants in the sector. The sustained demand for self-service kiosk solutions can be one factor for this technology to keep developing for many industries to use. 

Why is a self service kiosk so popular? Should you also integrate it into your business? This article will explain 3 innovative ways a self-service kiosk has an impact on your business. 

Why Self-Service Kiosks?

Self-service kiosks have been around for years even before the covid pandemic. They have been implemented in various businesses such as airports to check-in, restaurants to order food, and many more. After the pandemic, The use of the self-service kiosk has risen to a multitude of purposes, such as temperature checking platforms and contactless payment.

Many businesses right now use self-service solutions to increase their customers’ experience. It has been moving from only making its business operations becoming automated and streamlined to reach out to the customers directly. Calculating the return on investment of self-service kiosks is more clear now with many businesses streamlining their operations with the usage of kiosks while increasing their services at the same time.

Since the pandemic occurs, customers have more trust in a company that regards their safety and health as the priority. Well, the implementation has been smoother than ever because of the pandemic since self-service kiosks support social distancing.

So, there is not only safety measures that may be a leading motivation behind the investment in kiosks, but also a more streamlined business operation and state-of-the-art customer experience. To know more about many different benefits you can benefit from a self-service kiosk, check our articles here.

With innovative kiosk solutions integrated in 2021 in many different industries, it is worth mentioning that not all kiosk solutions are created equal, which can be customized to your specific business. Here are 3 innovative kiosk solutions you should consider today:

Contactless Payments

There are many new payment options that can be included that can make your customers more convenient in purchasing from your store, restaurant, or other businesses. In times of pandemic, many businesses offer contactless payments that help keep transactions socially distanced, while at the same time not neglecting their experiences. 

The key to implementing this is speed, which will speed up the operations of your business and allow you to gain a competitive advantage with limited resources.

Smart Advertising

A kiosk has the capability to advertise the product you sell. This can be done seamlessly that would not be a bother like conventional advertising used to deliver.

Your customers can watch the advertising whenever possible in and out of your store. At the same time, you can easily change your advertisement content as it needs to be. This type of flexibility can enhance the target promotions according to your customer’s habits.

This modern way of reaching your potential customers can only be the right direction you move in.

Advanced Access Control Solutions

You can now integrate self-service kiosks with much biometric technology like facial recognition, retina, and fingerprint scanning, or using a QR code solution that is printed on the ID card. Many other options are available as you need.

With many options you can choose from, identifying the services to go through the system can be implemented in many areas of your businesses. Safety and security will improve while also streamlining the whole process into a free-flowing one. Thus, opening new opportunities for your business. 

Have a particular idea about implementing a self service kiosk for your business? Contact the self service kiosk solution experts at WhiteBean for more details. We’ll love to brainstorm with you.

Image Credits: Jonas Leupe on Unsplash