The restaurant industry has been so competitive these days. Food has become less unique and similar, the X factor you can use is digitalization to increase customer experience. By using a QR code ordering system, you can streamline the order and payment process, increase sales as well as safety and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of QR Code Ordering System

Order system using QR code in a restaurant is considered a new technology that offers an efficient ordering system for your restaurant. A reliable ordering system delivers systematic and quick responses to your customers’ orders.

Reduce Error of Orders

This system can reduce the error of serving orders to the customers. 

A responsive and user-friendly interface is needed so the customers will have no problem ordering it themselves. 

Simplified Operations

A restaurant can print out a QR code and leave it for each table. The customers then scan the menu, place their order, and pay directly from their phone. The ordering system later would know which table placed the order, and then process the food to bring to the table. 

This practice is so convenient and minimizes unnecessary processes.

Minimized Contact During Pandemic

QR code ordering system has huge rises, especially during the pandemic. It can limit physical contact thus minimized the spread of coronavirus. 

The ordering system is a revolutionary technology for many businesses. People are wary of the thread, so any service with a limited number of human interactions is preferable right now.

Reduce Overheads

A printing menu is not necessarily needed anymore with a contactless QR code ordering system. Paper menus can increase the spreading of infections, thus using paper-based should be avoided.

This technology also helps to reduce labor costs. At the same time, your staff can focus more on other complex tasks.

Increase customer loyalty

It is likely when you implement safety measures in your restaurant, your regular customers will gain more trust and confidence in your restaurant. They will feel special as you are thinking about their safety, and not only how to grow sales in the stake of your customers’ health. 

Traditional Order System

The traditional menu in the restaurants is usually paper-based. All records are store on paper. There are so many wastes of time, money, and paper for each given order.

Even when you have a new menu to be introduced to your customers, you will need to change the menu cards as well.

Customers also need to wait for a waiter to come to take their order. All of these are time-consuming, while other batches of customers are waiting in line outside your restaurant.

How QR Code Restaurant Ordering System Works?

You can place your QR code at multiple places of your restaurant such as on the counter, entrance, and even in the advertisement material. So that when your customers have arrived at designated locations, they can scan the QR code through their phone and immediately links to the menu.

Your customers can easily place the order they want from their phones and pay immediately without any physical money present.

The order then goes into your kitchen, where it will be processed by your staff who then later deliver the food to the order table. There is a feature which you can use to print the order automatically so that other staff can focus on other detailed tasks.

The implementation of a QR code system in a restaurant is practically the best and innovative way to give your customers the best experience, which at the same time limits the spread of coronavirus.


All those problems with the traditional order system are solved with the help of a QR code. Your restaurant menu then will be available immediately after QR code scanning, displaying the best menu your restaurant can offer for the day with their respective prices. Your customers can directly order from the menu and then processed it immediately to the kitchen.

This concept is beneficial for both your restaurant and the customers as it offers a more efficient way of ordering system as well as applying safety measures during the pandemic. 

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