QR codes technology has been around for a long time. People use it for marketing their products as they don’t need to spend time texting. Since the pandemic, the implementation has seen a massive increase in the restaurant business. QR codes help customers to minimize face-to-face interaction while satisfying their needs. The performance of QR codes into restaurant protocol should bring new light to a modern and safe restaurant to the masses.

There are many benefits QR codes bring to the table. It helps customers to browse restaurant menus using their phones. Then also order and pay with minimum interaction required. 

Restaurant staff at the same time can also do other urgent tasks, especially during busy hours. QR codes bring benefits to all stakeholders, with the industry utilizing QR codes improves table turns and reduce order errors.

Evolution of QR Codes Implementations

The popularity of the QR Code emerged to the public back in 2010. Business owners use it for marketing. QR codes can be attached to the packaging, merchandise, and advertisement material. However, people rarely use them and have faded from sight ever since. 

Entering the global pandemic, we remember that even touch may pose a danger in the early phases. QR code came to rising and a most helpful one at that. People now can send information quickly and easily using QR codes. There are various implementations of QR codes in the restaurant business. The restaurant comes to embrace its ability to provide minimal face-to-face interaction by eliminating traditional procedures. Many restaurants remove printed menus as early as the pandemic. It is a fatal attribute of spreading the disease. Customers can now order using their phones without even interacting with any restaurant staff in the first place.

Today QR codes provide restaurants with an easy and cheap way to incorporate the new technology into their restaurant business. You do not need to pay for changing menu items and pricing compared to traditional printed menus. QR codes find their place today in modern society.

QR codes are here to stay

The urgent need to apply for contactless orders helps motivate the implementation of this technology. However, QR codes do not seem to vanish away even after the pandemic is no longer here. 

There are a lot of many other benefits that the F&B service industry comes to a realization. QR codes provide better efficiency to many restaurants. It saves money compared to traditional menus. You might need to reprint the menus when there are changes in menu items. This practice can be a considerable expense that can benefit elsewhere. The restaurant can see the immediate benefit by removing any dishes from the menu as soon as they are a sell-out, sparing customers from the disappointment. It is a win-win solution for both restaurants and diners.

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Like all technologies, QR codes implementation in the food and beverage industries will evolve with time. Restaurants realized their benefits and, even more than that, the diners. This technology clicks well with this generation that prefers fast-paced dining and mobile phone oriented, just like today’s world.

Image Credits: Nathan Dumlao