QR code online ticketing for your event tickets has exploded this year. Not only providing a quick check-in, but it also helps you control your guest list and who is attending your event. 

Here are all the steps to use this technology.

What are QR Codes?

A QR code stands for quick-response code which can be scanned, and you will be automatically redirected to a specific address. The process is simple; you change your URL address into a QR code so your guest can scan the code to automatically be redirected to your URL without needing to remember the URL which sometimes can be misspelled. The process gives certainty and is quicker than the traditional system.

Purchase the ticket with a QR code

After the QR code is created, you can share it on social media so customers can purchase the ticket on the platform. After the purchase, you can give them each specific QR code regarding their profile to keep track of who arrives at the event and prevent ticket fraud.

Scan the QR Code from your Event Tickets or RSVPs

Once you have selected your event, a list of attendees will be displayed. Then, you can click on the “Scan QR Code” button to use your phone camera to scan the event tickets or RSVPs. You may need to click “OK” on your device to allow it to use your camera app.

A list of attendees will be displayed on the day of the event. You can monitor who has arrived as they have different QR codes to be scanned by a QR scanner at the event’s gate. 

Your guest can point their tickets at the QR scanner, and they will be allowed to get in with their specific QR code on their phones which can be a paper ticket or an e-ticket. The QR scanner can quickly scan both ways. Every QR code will be processed and highlighted in the attendee’s list.

Manually Mark the Ticket as Scanned

When something unexpected happens, like an issue with the camera or the attendee forgetting to bring the tickets, you can manually browse their ticket to confirm them.

View Event Ticket Summary

You can continuously monitor the number of tickets that have been sold and whether you need to push more on your sale if they are required. On the event day, you can check when your guests have arrived so you can start your event opening without much delay.

Download Attendees List

It is easy to download the list of attendees of your event. Even in thousand, the list is easily compiled for you. It helps save your front staff a lot of work and reduce many complaints by your guest, especially when your events hold a lot of attendees.

You can save a lot of staff and accommodate them to serve your guest better. Your guest will also be appreciated as they save a lot of time in check-in for the events. Scanning for QR codes takes seconds to complete. 

Contact our QR Code Online Ticketing Professionals at WhiteBean today and discuss how to design your QR codes for online ticketing that suit your existing system. WhiteBean is a well-established partner that can help provide a flexible system during these uncertain times.

Image Credits: Lee Blanchflower