Organizing an event can be difficult, considering the many jobs you need to keep track of. As a professional event organizer, you will want everything to run smoothly. An often occurrence that you might need to be wary of is the tempering of event tickets which can affect your security and revenue stream directly.

Take into consideration a sustainable way by tacking fake tickets with QR code online ticketing. By implementing a QR code into a ticket, you can ensure maximum protection against unauthorized access. Meanwhile, you also adhere to health and safety protocols by limiting human contact. It will help not only your guests but also your staff members.

In this article, we will talk about tackling fake tickets with QR code online ticketing.

QR Code tickets are a one-stop solution

QR codes are 2D barcodes that can store information. All you need is your smartphone to scan the QR code, and you will receive the news on your screen. You can quickly scan and determine whether the ticket is valid using a QR code.

Usually, guests will come up with a copy of their tickets in their hands. And the gate staff will verify the tickets one by one by writing and asking for more data from the guests, such as ID, etc. This process is tedious for both parties and risks ticket duplication because of human error, which sometimes is unavoidable.

However, using QR code online ticketing, you can negate this issue as these tickets are impossible to duplicate. You see, each QR code-based ticket has its unique ID if you want to. Yes, each ticket will have a different set of QR codes. So, if anyone comes up with the same QR code, you can immediately tell and process it.

The bonus point is you need any expensive hardware installation for this to work. Amazing right? Everything is digital, and you only need a scanner to work. You can save a ton of expenditure while increasing the process’s efficiency

Various other event processes are better with QR Code tickets

Security and health issues

Ensuring guests’ safety is another responsibility you need to think of. Ever since the pandemic, the health and security aspect has become the number one priority on everybody’s list. Hence, you should avoid paper-based tickets and try to implement a contactless QR code for your event tickets.

Your guests also do not need to print it out. They can show the QR code on their phone screen for your gate staff to scan them. Thus, it limits physical contact while simultaneously saving the environment.

Contactless queue management

Since the pandemic, the event management paradigm has also started to change. It would be best if you now avoid long queues and crowds to prevent the spread of the disease. Thus, you can implement a fast scanning ability using a QR code or try to schedule each batch of your guests when you are hosting a lot of audiences.

Tracking event performance

Lastly, you can monitor event performance by knowing the number of people that have checked in or checked out during the event. It helps you draw valuable insights about the event as a whole. You can analyze more data, such as event attendance, guests’ peak time, and the most crowded venue when you are hosting multiple events.

You can learn from your acquired data and optimize future events more efficiently.

With the most flexible ticketing technology today, QR code online ticketing ensures secure admission, post-event reports, and conveniences for your customers purchasing the tickets. Do you want to learn more about improving your ticketing platform using QR code eTicketing? Contact our WhiteBean QR code online ticketing experts today to discuss expanding your digital ticketing for future events.

Image Credits: Raychan