When you integrate physical advertising into your event promotion, you will encounter several issues. The amount of content you can include in a brochure is limited. This is due to the budget limit or the design of the platform. That is why many included webpages at the bottom. Still, we can say that people rarely try to type the domain name into their phone’s browser.

It is also challenging to know which advertisement is doing well. Many have tried asking customers for feedback and put this question in a questionnaire but with minimal results. 

How QR code eTicketing help solve your issue

Many people have switched to using QR code eTicketing for event management. You can include a QR code in your brochure; it is easier for customers to scan to get more information about your events. You can also proceed directly to the payment page, which is much more difficult for traditional promotion.

When you know which ads are doing well, you can manage your promotion campaign much better, thus saving you a lot of money. If you want to target visibility, registration number or purchases, you can easily manage when you have all data available.

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Adding QR codes for event safety

The immediate need for QR code eTicketing is where there are many risks, such as health and safety protocol for your events. There are different regulations in Malaysia. Sometimes you need a way to ensure attendees can be tracked for vaccination status on site.

Using QR code online ticketing is a new standard, which can significantly add value to your ongoing events.

Increase your event security

Another vital thing QR code can help you with is ensuring top-notch security during the event. You can monitor every guest coming into your events and how many are inside the venue or outside while helping you track unwanted guests.

The fake ticket holder can be blocked when the QR code doesn’t scan. Every QR code is created explicitly for each ticket, so when there is a double QR code, you know someone duplicates the tickets. It helps you solve the source of the problem to avoid the same issue for your subsequent events.

You can also use a QR code eTicketing to let you know when an attendee has entered the venue. You can send them a message about the ongoing events or for additional purchases if needed.

The entry process is also much smoother. Your guest can place their ticket on a QR code scanner with minimal supervision. This will let shorter queues and, in the end, satisfy your customers before, during, and after the events.

Upgrade QR code eTicketing from traditional tickets brings many benefits for your events. This has seemingly put confidence in many event holders as it eliminates many issues with safety and security while boosting your events with quicker and smoother processes.

Image Credits: Sergey Zolkin