As an event professional, you surely want the event to run as smoothly as possible. Attendee registration is an integral part of your event. It acts as a gateway for your event for security and welcoming guests simultaneously. While you need the process to be flawless, you also want to have a great first impression on your guests, which will play a lot of role in their satisfaction when they exit the event.

Event check-in: insights

Regardless of your event type, you should always check in and out your attendees. You can list your survey to acquire more of their data and collect valuable insights. You can gather their opinion on the workshop and seek improvements for the next event.

QR code eTicketing enables you to monitor the no-show percentage automatically. Many event organizers today ask for a contribution for people that did not cancel their registration in the last 24 hours.

Event check-in enables personalization

You can also personalize your services depending on the attendees. You can tell the absentees that you missed their presence and ask why they could not attend. This follow-up can give a good impression on your guests while increasing their response rate as we write a personalized emails to them.

Personalized data will go a long way to stand above your competitors.

Event check-in: perfect for paid events

Paid events tend to have lower no-show rates. However, checking your attendees still have considerable meaning to it. After all, you have to avoid letting in people that did not pay for their tickets. And you can implement this feature using QR code online ticketing as it generates a personalized QR code for each ticket. Read the related article on Tackle Fake Tickets with QR Codes Online Ticketing.

Attendee registration for training events

You are also required to include attendee registration for training events to track the points at the end of the events. Being present or absent can impact their effectiveness. So checking in and out of the venue is essential for tracking. As an event manager, you don’t want to spend most of your time on your Excel sheets. Using QR code eTicketing, you can solve this problem efficiently.

Be well prepared

You must ensure the check-in process goes smoothly during the event day. Try to prevent long queues at the entrance and spread them out when you have huge guests with limited registration time. Long lines usually frustrate your attendees and sometimes impact their performance on the event day.


It is mandatory to know who attended the event. Checking your attendees automatically using QR code eTicketing will give you quick insight into the event’s performance so you can adjust accordingly. These five top insights help you prevent long queues and increase the satisfaction of your attendees at your event.

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Image Credits: Kwabena Ansong