Transforming your events into a digitalized platform benefits your organization in many ways. Many events have started implementing more technology into their system. This implementation speeds up the purchasing process, which can help increase convenience for your customers.

Implementing QR code online ticketing into your system helps monitor who is going in and out of your events, thus increasing security. In the meantime, you gain data to research how to increase your future events according to customer behaviour.

Today, we will discuss how going digital using a QR code online ticketing platform can help improve your future events. Starting from efficiency and security of your events to data science for future events.

Getting Tickets is Easier than Ever

You will want to provide convenience for your customers whenever possible, especially when they are getting the tickets. Purchasing a ticket costs your customers money, and you would want to prioritize the conveniences in this aspect as it serves the purpose of your income stream. A little difficulty can make your customers think twice about purchasing, and this is what you want to avoid at all costs.

QR code online ticketing gives your customers convenience when purchasing a ticket. They do not need to run to the ATM to buy a ticket. Your fans can use their credit cards to purchase the ticket directly through a QR code scan, and flexibility is key here.

You can also install a point of sale for the customers to purchase the tickets at the gate. These flexible options ensure all your customers can purchase tickets whenever they like, no matter their payment method.

Scanning and Event Security

Once your customers have their tickets, they are only one scan away from getting into your events. Make sure the scanning process is the easiest way for them to make, especially if many people are going into the venue all at once. Try installing several QR code scanners to help facilitate this issue, with one staff guiding each scanner on the gateway.

Using a unique QR code for each fan can increase security by avoiding repeated check-ins. Even beyond that, you can get respected information for each customer after they scan. This is a great way for your staff to greet your customers at the entrance. At the same time, it alerts you to the exact count of your attendees for the event.

Reporting at Your Fingertips

After your events, you can review past events with the collected data available for you. Reporting tools can display your event ticket revenue and break it down into online sales and point-of-sale tickets. You can optimize your future sales performance by learning from this data.

With the most flexible ticketing technology today, QR code online ticketing ensures secure admission, post-event reports, and conveniences for your customers purchasing the tickets. Do you want to learn more about improving your ticketing platform using QR code eTicketing? Contact our WhiteBean QR code online ticketing experts today to discuss expanding your digital ticketing for future events.

Image Credits: Yvette de Wit