Preparing for your event’s success today is not that difficult, especially with many of the tools present today. You can use QR code eTicketing to quicken ticketing check-ins, update your guests with the upcoming events and gather your guests’ data for future events.

These benefits can only improve your hospitality services based on the experience and data from your previous events. Read these seven tips to get more from your implemented QR code eTicketing.

Adapt a mobile-friendly environment for your event

Most of the QR code eTicketing is scanned by phones. It is helpful to ensure the guests are directed to use more mobile phones. Whatever event’s material and websites used should be mobile-friendly. This adaptation should make it easier for the guests to approach the QR code when everything is uniform.

Implement simple design

A full-purpose QR code online ticketing is all you need for this reason. Use large codes that are easy to scan and visible to everyone. Creating an intricate design usually temps many designers. However, it would be best to keep it simple for optimal implementation.

Use a good surface for the QR code

The surface used for the QR code should not be easily folded so it can always perform even to the last of the guests. Test the code on the surface first before mass producing it. Usually, shiny and busy surfaces do not work all the time. Therefore, be wary of this issue.

To ensure the QR code works until the event ends, you can consider placing the QR code eTicketing on the wall or laminating it if it is a stand-alone. Some event marketers place QR codes in unique places to drive more traffic. Laminating the QR code paper can prevent wetness and shrinkage after use.

Data usage

You should use the collected data for your events. From the scanning alone, for instance, you can get information on where the code was scanned, how many times it was scanned, and many more. As an event planner, you should dedicate more time to strategizing data usage. How can you use the data acquired to improve your event and even use it for leverage for the sponsors?


Before the event, you can decide how long the link should be live. Can it still be used after the event ends? You can use the expiration of the QR code to create urgency for programs at the events.


You can use a QR code to create highly targeted offers for your guests that remain secret until it is being scanned afterwards. This element of surprise can keep your guests waiting for more information regarding the events.


QR codes are making a serious comeback in events and other marketing campaigns. You can use the QR code eTicketing to allow quick access to valuable information. You can also be used for speedy check-ins and information exchange. Have you incorporated QR codes into your event process?

WhiteBean has many experiences designing and creating the best QR Code eTicketing for your business needs. Contact our WhiteBean eTicketing experts now and discuss how to implement it in your business.

Image Credits: Proxyclick Visitor Management System