The Covid pandemic has spread across the entire globe. The recovery of the hospitality industry will likely take a while. It is already clear that Covid can spread through touching contaminated surfaces. This puts your restaurant in the spot, as most of the surface is shared by different people every day. 

Here are the reasons we think are pretty convincing in eliminating the spreading of Covid, not only for social distancing but also for higher-order values.

Eliminate menu sharing between customers

Of course, the most significant advantage of a QR code menu in a restaurant in Covid is that it reduces the number of things customers have to touch when dining in. A menu is often passed around a table between customers as they decide what to eat and drink. Display your QR codes strategically around the restaurant, making it as simple as possible for customers to find and scan them.

Save money on printing costs

You might want to change menus regularly. Updating a print version whenever your staff introduces a new item costs money each time. Instead, you can use a QR code menu, and the changes can be made digitally when the need arises, without any additional expense.

Reduce staff contact with customers

It would be best if you minimized physical interactions with others during the pandemic. As a restaurant owner, you can facilitate a reduction in contact between your staff and customers with a QR code menu. However, the staff will still need to deliver the food to the table. To solve this issue, you could also have a collection point system within the restaurant to further minimize human contact.

Increase order values

Consumers spend more when they order digitally. You can increase your overall order value with online ordering embedded into your operations.

By ordering from a digital menu, customers are more at ease adding additional menu items. They also don’t feel embarrassed in adding a second helping of onion rings, for instance.

Speed up table turnover

You might want to avoid forcing table turnover, as it might lead to the customers feeling like they are being rushed. Using a QR code ordering system, your customers can immediately scan the menu as soon as they are seated. This practice speeds things up enormously.

Update menu items quickly and frequently

When you run out of ingredients in the kitchen, it can be a hassle having to let your customers know that a menu item is no longer available. With a QR code menu, you can update it as often as you like with minimal issues.

Better menu design

You can design a digital menu with a robust user experience at the forefront. So you can place particular items to stand out, increase order value and optimize conversion rates.

Entice with food images

Space is limited on print menus which is often why there are no pictures of the food. A great photo of your delicate burgers with all the trimmings will catch people’s attention and entice them to order them. With a QR code menu, you can include images with as many menu items as you wish.


Overall, your customers will have a better customer experience by using a QR code, especially in times of the Covid pandemic. Your customers feel assured with the social distancing measures you put in place in your restaurant. It also frees up your staff, serves your customers dearly, and reduces the chance of an order error. With a QR code menu, the customer can select precisely what they want to eat and input the order details themselves. There is no miscommunication between the waiter and customer, not forgetting to write something down, especially in tourist areas where language can sometimes get lost in translation.

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