When you are at an event, a QR code name card can help establish a relationship with each other. Staying connected is essential even after the event. When everyone is sharing name cards, surely it will be necessary to design one that can make a lasting impression on the opposition. A good impression design helps people follow your social media or open your website.

Remember, a good name card design represents your business and yourself in person.

A name card helps people to connect with your brand. There are several suggestions that we implement to make a lasting impression on your business partners:

QR Codes

QR code, in one way, helps drive traffic to your online presence, name it social media or website. Shifting to a QR code digital name card is one decisive way to make a long-lasting impression on your prospect. You can edit the digital page if you move office or change your phone number. Thus, people can always use your digital name card if you are still in business.

It is also much more comfortable for your clients to scan a QR code within seconds than to type a URL address, which may have a considerable chance of mistakes.

You can change your QR code color to match your brand. Also, include a call to action such as “scan for a quote” or “contact our team.” If you are interested in this trend, you can read more about the benefits of QR codes in a business name card here.

Multiple Color Variations

A good trend nowadays is having a business card that uses your brand color properly into your name card. Design your brand logo that makes an impression on your prospect and implement that into your branding. Keep it consistent so people can remember the pattern when they see it multiple times. Your audience can then relate to your brand when they see a similar way.

Design an elegant, colorful, or minimalist template that suits your target audience. Avoid colorful designs if you are a strict business like construction. At the same time, apply different scenarios about architecture, for example. This application sets the tone for how people see you. Therefore, it is vital to take branding seriously as it affects your prospect’s mindset in trusting your company’s capability.

Minimalist Design

This trend on digital name cards will be increasing in 2022. Having clean and straightforward designs suit many practices, even for a company that incorporates creatives aspect. Minimalist design hardly goes wrong. It is safe to bet for most companies to go to.

However, if you want a detailed guide on the best designs to make a lasting impression on your clients, you can contact our team of experts at WhiteBean. You can build a specialized for your brand. It will create a good brand image, starting from your QR code digital name card.

Discover the incredible advantages of using a QR code digital name card. You can create a stunning design that reflects your branded colors and logo within minutes. Start contacting our QR code digital name card experts at WhiteBean today!

Another note on the minimalist designs is that you can use white space to highlight your contact information while balancing the visualization of the whole creation. Implement pops of color to highlight important information on your digital name card.

A promising trend in QR code digital name cards is changing the business card industry. Many have started to use digital name cards as it is long-lasting and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Image Credits: Luis Villasmil