Like many industries, the engineering professions also have client meetings, tradeshows, and networking events. Exchanging information and each other contact number can be crucial. While business cards have passed their time, people are searching for a way to electronically exchange contact information other than asking for a phone number directly.

With digital name cards, engineers today can tell stories about themselves and how to contact them. That way, everything can be kept simple while people can focus on getting the business deal done without much time constraint.

Most business deals are done by a handshake and business card exchange. It gives the partners a lasting impression. You can use this form as a marketing tool to build your brand within your industry.

Avoid mistakes

Nowadays, as everyone has their smartphone in their hands, the usage of digital name cards has exploded. Especially when we talk about how it is so easy to scan a QR code to visit your website. It sometimes is a hassle because the domain name is hard to remember or your competitor has a similar name. People sometimes type the wrong URL to go to your website. However, by using a QR code, you can remove that risk. Your prospect can quickly scan a QR code without any mistakes. They will be redirected to your website within seconds.

When you think of the innovation, you make with QR code digital name cards. It can leave a long-lasting impression on your clients. It affects how they will see your brand. It can be a good marketer for you to know your digital name card is on top of the game. Indeed, your business immediately becomes an attractive offer.

Creatives design

Of course, designing a tremendous digital name card for engineers can be tough luck. It needs to represent your company and brand; creativity is the most important thing here. It would be best if you had a little more time and research. Or, if you are not convinced, try to talk with our experts on how to design an on-point QR code digital name card that will work precisely for you. We develop specialized digital name cards that increase your brand’s image to your prospects.

At WhiteBean, we have a highly experienced team of experts for designing exceptional templates that perfectly capture your brand’s image. Get in touch with us today to explore the innovative value you can add to your design of digital name cards!

You can choose between a traditional look or a visually striking one. Your unique cards can be an icebreaker in conversation. Your prospect might likely keep your cards longer when they look appealing and have all the necessary information. With a digital name card, you can include information at once on a single page. No more being limited to a handful of rows of contact information to share. Do mention your website, social media, or even portfolio on the projects you have done. That way, your prospect can relate to what you can do previously on their project.

There are business cards that can be applied to every engineering discipline. Choose the best fit for your business while classy and eye-catching. Use the template, icon, and color representing your work, such as designing or mechanical electrical of a building. You can also use a tiny circuit board as a template for a talented electrical computer engineer with much success.

Link your portfolio

So, what information is needed to include in a digital name card for engineers? Use vital components that are widely known, such as your name, position, company, phone number, emails, and website. Also, mention your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another thing is the company motto, tagline, or memorable quote.

It is also crucial for an engineer’s digital name card to link to your work portfolio if you are an architect. Use this platform to showcase your work, project location, design theme, etc. Surely it can propel your brand image to a higher level with good interaction through QR code digital name cards.

Don’t forget that accuracy is vital. Ensure all information is easy to read and has no misspellings. Be true to yourself and your business. Have fun and make a long-lasting impression!

Image Credits: Brooke Cagle