To be able to generate more networking opportunities might be the most crucial way to smoothen your path to career success. This article will discuss increasing your leads using a QR code digital name card.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have changed their ways of doing business. People tend to utilize their phones to make ends meet. Team meetings and conferences meet remotely. This is where the days of traditional business cards are declining.

With the increased capability of mobile phones today, many business utilities have transformed into digital ways, such as digital business cards. Many professionals have started using virtual business cards to connect to clients and business partners.

What is a digital name card?

A digital name card is a simple webpage containing your contact information. You can add your name, emails, websites, social media, and other information related to your business into a single page view.

You can use a digital name card to share your contact information with your business partners. The advantage is that you can include much more information easily and quickly edit it when you change your phone number, for example.

Benefits of QR code digital name cards

With a QR code digital name card, you can direct your partners to your digital name card page with a single scan of a QR code. It quickens your client’s process to go to the destination page and smoothens the process.

Convenient for you

It can often become difficult to reach your purse to retrieve a physical business card. You can easily offer your QR code digital name card whenever a networking opportunity arises. 

Likewise, when you need to change your contact pieces of information, you can do it in a flash. You don’t need to order a new stack of cards just because your office has moved to a new building.

Convenient for them

It can also help your partners to do business with you. After you exchange your business cards, they can often be lost or misplaced. Digital name cards, however, can be quickly recalled without taking up space in your wallet.

A digital name card also makes your connections easier to get in touch with you. They will never contact the wrong number or go to the wrong social media address because you can edit any new information on the name card directly.


You can create digital name cards easily and quickly. In contrast, paper business cards have become more expensive, primarily if you use premium paper, and it also takes a while to print. The amount of cost can stack up over the year.

Seamless follow-up

Clients can better reach out to you using QR code digital name cards.

You can also make them sign up for your mailing list. Then, you can send several emails in a regular pattern to make them remember you.


The environmental impact of paper business cards can be detrimental to forestation. More than 90% of business cards are thrown away within days. 

By switching to digital name cards, you indirectly help protect the trees and the planet.

Easy to share

There are many ways to share a digital name card and let it reach the right hands. You can also share it without physical contact, which is a bonus during pandemic times.

Stay trendy

Digital name cards have become so popular they facilitate technology to give better and faster services to your clients. They will appreciate your efforts and take highly of your business and personality.

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Image Credits: Lena Kudryavtseva