A well-designed digital name card represents the next step in pushing forward your business network. For your partners, it is the first interaction they will face with your brand, so it is essential to ensure a positive experience.

In today’s day and age, a QR code digital name card is starting to replace traditional business cards with many advantages. You can input more information in it, look professional, and set your business apart from the big tech giants in your neighbourhood.

But before you start sharing your QR code digital name card with everyone you meet, ask yourself first: What makes an excellent digital name card? How can it benefits your business and bring more prospect?

Find a suitable template for your brand

Choosing a suitable template works a long way for your business in terms of the brand image that you want to send to your partners. Maybe you are an interior designer that loves clean lines and adapts to modern design. A suitable template can work that can entice your prospect into contacting you because they love your design from the get-go.

We at WhiteBean have experience designing the best template for your brand’s image. Contact our experts now to discuss several values you want to implement into your digital name card design today.

Organize your information

You need to organize your information so they are easy to read and understand. Include what service you provide and the element beyond the regular to make it stand out from your competitor. Add detailed contact information to reach you, from your name, job title, business name, phone number, website domain, and email address to social media. That way, your prospect can choose which media to contact you they feel the most comfortable with.

A good organization should be your logo first and your business name to make it easy for you. After that, include contact information like email and phone number.

Do double duty

You can make your card do double duty for your small business. You should maximise this benefit as you can add more information to your digital name card than traditional business cards.

If you run a restaurant business, you can include a quick recipe for a signature dish, for instance. Or special news about your business, such as upcoming events and promos of your business. 

Maximize your logo

Your digital name card is more than just your contact information. It represents yourself and your brand at the same time. It is mandatory to finalize your logo and brand colours.

Make sure it fits well with the image you want to deliver to your clients. It is essential in visual branding and helps influence your client regarding your product and service.

Include a call to action

To get a better result, include a call to action to encourage prospects to take the next step. You can offer a special offer, a discount code, or other incentives to energize customers.

You can use a QR code in your digital name card as part of your call to action. People nowadays are comfortable scanning with QR codes. Adding one to your digital name card can link your prospect with the desired webpage, subscribe to the mailing list, or offer a special promotion. 

These five golden rules will work wonders for you and your business by providing your prospect with efficiency and value through a QR code digital name card.

Image Credits: Amélie Mourichon