An attendance system can be used in many different scenarios. For example, an event. It is critical to get many people through the entry door on a large-scale event without spending much time. In this situation, it is indispensable to deploy a speedy check-in or attendance solution. One such solution to integrate into the event management toolkit for a quick and smooth check-in experience is a QR code attendance system.

Once you scan a QR code, an entry pass or a badge can be prepared and printed immediately. This method is usually an efficient solution for organizing significant events such as concerts and trade shows, as it facilitates quick and hassle-free check-in for several attendees.

Implementation of QR code attendance for different purposes

QR code attendance for employees

As offices are temporarily banning biometrics in checking the employees’ daily time records, QR codes are a great technological substitute for that. Since the employees are only required to scan their QR code attendance, the chance of infecting other employees with an infectious disease reduces.

That is why offices can use a QR code attendance for a quick and safe daily time record. 

QR code attendance for students

Being on time in school presents many benefits for students. It can help them practice proper time management and prioritization, thus makes attendance checking stands crucial for every institution. 

That is why the education sector is encouraging schools to get creative with their attendance routines.

But as biometrics can be expensive for some schools, QR code attendance is a tremendous technological attendance checking tool that you can employ for students and employees. 


It is mandatory to make sure that your guests attend every event organizer provides to them. Attendance checking plays a crucial role in maintaining the event’s credibility regarding the people who participated. 

A QR code attendance system is excellent for easy scan and checks guestlist checking promptly to prevent uninvited guests. 

Benefits to use a QR code for your attendance management


Other types of attendance checking can cost more than their initial implementation. Not to mention maintaining them that requires more resources. Thus, the amount you spend on them increases. Because of that, many institutions on a tight budget are looking for a better attendance checking tool that is cost-efficient and does not require more resources to maintain them.

QR codes are the cost-efficient technological tool that many businesses use to keep a contactless operation. With a QR code attendance system, institutions can implement a secure and safe attendance checking system without spending more on maintaining them.

Environmentally friendly

Traditional attendance system requires the use of paper in compiling and checking. But with the help of QR codes, reviewing and compiling the employees’ or students’ attendance is done using Google Sheet. By scanning the codes, the designated file automatically updates its information without inputting them manually.

This way makes the QR codes an excellent frontrunner for task reduction and environment saving. Thus, making QR codes the best choice for environmental-friendly attendance checking today.


You can use QR codes to helps detect the areas where people make each scan. 

Even more, with the use of dynamic QR codes, you can continually check your employees’ or students’ scan location demographics.

Easy to implement

Deploying a QR code attendance system to your employees and students becomes easy as scan and check. 

It only requires two items to implement. A QR code attendance is easy, secure, and safe attendance checking.


Many factors define attendance checking in today’s context, such as maintaining contactless operations. The use of QR code attendance is a great help for most institutions and businesses. Using QR codes to check their attendance, the seamless scan to acknowledge people’s presence is possible.To successfully create a QR code attendance system for your use, you can always rely on the best QR code generator to unlock a seamless attendance checking system.

For more information on this technology and how it can boost your business, contact the QR Code experts at WHITEBEAN today. 

Image Credits: Samuel Pereira