QR codes have contributed so much to our lives. Today, it is perfectly alright to get out of home without a wallet but holding a phone in our hand. Many restaurants accept online payment nowadays, not only debit or credit cards like they used to be. Not only for payments, but QR codes have also begun replacing menu cards in some restaurants in Malaysia especially. The market looks to shift to QR codes during the pandemic.

Some arguments have been said about QR code, as it has the potential to spam their users’ inboxes. This article will learn in-depth about QR codes, how it works, and precautions we can take to limit the chances.

Why Do Restaurants Need QR Codes?

QR codes are the abbreviation of Quick Response code, meaning the users can scan the code and redirect it to the website of the QR code owner. The advantage of this code is that the user does not need to type a long domain name instead of a scan that limits mistakes and increases convenience in using it. 

When accessed, you can use the code to make a payment, order a meal or browse the restaurant’s menu. Since the pandemic, restaurants have replaced their physical menu cards with QR codes for safety protocol. It is much more convenient than using traditional menu cards that repeatedly disinfect the menu between customers. Today, it has been kept as a more suitable choice because of its efficiency in the ordering system.

What to Avoid?

While QR codes can gather favourite dishes and top picks from the customers, some restaurants can not hide their excitement using the technology to promote their business crazily and spam their customer’s emails. This practice can be somewhat backfired; nagging the customer’s phone with the notification is not good. Many customers have shared how their phones have been bugged with adware with many unwanted ads on their phones.

Tips to Increase Customer’s Trust

QR codes are here to stay amid the pandemic. So, the question arises of how you, as a restaurant owner, can stay safe and protect your customer’s privacy and reputation? Here are some pointers you can start from that you can apply in your restaurant.

  • Create a professional QR code to increase its trustworthiness
  • Write a guideline on not to scan from a suspicious QR code. Such a pasted code on top of another
  • Keep your QR code menu clean and fast to increase user satisfaction
  • Stay away from third-party apps and ads that link to other websites

With the precautions above, you can keep your customers happy with the platform and increase your reputation as we advance. That is why you need a professional QR code maker to help you design a professional QR code menu for your beloved customers. Contact our experts at WhiteBean to create your QR code to begin digitalising the menu and ordering aspects of businesses.

Image Credits: Sandra Seitamaa