Restaurant management needs to keep improving to compete in today’s market, and having a good QR code menu might be an innovative way to keep with the trends. A traditional menu can be a conventional way to present menu items to your customers. Today, however, a new technological advantage given in the form of a QR code menu might shake that. 

Using a QR code, customers can directly view the full list of menus with complete descriptions and the best photos available without the limitation of the traditional menu. This advantage alone is enough to encourage your customers to order more and receive a whole new experience from your restaurant. The QR code menu can simplify order procedures, saving both time and manpower for your staff from the business perspective.

So how to create a good QR code menu? Let’s get in-depth on how to implement a QR code menu that is able to make the ordering process easier for both your customers and the restaurant at the same time.

Important tips for your QR code menu

Complete customization

You can completely customize your digital menu on the go every day if you need to do so. Image size, font size and item placement can be modified to give your customers a personalized experience. You can also include event promos and specialized designs for different events available.


It would help if you designed Clear CTA to guide your customers on to the next steps of the ordering process. Include phrases like “scan here” or “scan me” to implement this new technology smoothly. It is also mandatory to leave an instruction sheet to help them navigate during this technological adaptation. 

Say no to plain jane codes. WhiteBean professionals define your QR Codes. Your logo, your brand, your personality will shine through. Let the code speak for itself and stand out from the crowd.

Please keep it simple yet powerful

It would be best to avoid pop-ups in the menu to stay clear on your purpose. You may include promotions such as upcoming events, loyalty programs, etc. but keep it subtle. The main idea is to make the ordering process simple without any confusion, leading to frustration for your customers.

Better order management

QR code menus help you to focus on the order. You don’t need to worry about any skepticism regarding the customer’s orders. QR code menu helps automate the process and updates in real-time, so there is no room for mistakes.

Integration with payment gateways

Another way to help the implementation go smoothly is integrating various online payment methods into your QR code menu. It helps give certainty with the order for your kitchen staff. At the same time, your customers can avoid cashiers and pay directly from the table.

Unlimited scans upgrades

You need to implement a good order system for your customers. You should not limit the scan quantity or order from the same table. Instead, count the order and not the table to give your customers a fluid experience.

Take feedback 

Last but not the least, apply a feedback system for your customers to leave freely after the meals or orders. This feedback will help you to improve your system as we advance.

Image Credits: Christiann Koepke