Scannable QR codes have had many uses since their first development. They range from manufacturing, payments, and also marketing. To no surprise, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new QR code opportunities to a new height, thanks to its touchless properties.

This technology significantly benefitted restaurants by providing their customers with a touchless platform. Customers today can view the digital menu, use mobile ordering, and access payment simultaneously. Many restaurants have started to shift to using QR code ordering system, and Mamak is one of the leading figures.

With how customers have transitioned to keep the health protocol tight, many owners choose to keep the technology around for the long haul. 

How to Use a QR Code

The process of customers ordering and paying for the meals work as follows:

A customer sits down at the table and starts scanning a QR code on the table. The QR code will direct the customers’ tablet or mobile phone to a digital menu. The QR code can be unique to the table, or you can require the guest to enter the table number. Then the guest can add items to their cart and send the order to the kitchen display system.

Once the customers are ready to exit the restaurant, they can pay from the table instead.

Make Your Own

So how to implement a QR code ordering system in your restaurant?

Firstly, you can try creating your QR code to be integrated into your online ordering URL. Just type “QR code generator” into the search engine or apps search. There will be a range of free online tools which can be used to convert any URL into a QR code.

A do-it-yourself QR code like this is preferred to promote takeout in your restaurant, while some modify it to be used for dine-in customers. However, a purpose-built restaurant QR code ordering system is recommended, with several benefits that may bring your business model to new heights.

Mamak has already started to build on their ordering system with WhiteBean. Contact our QR Code Solution Experts today to help you design a QR code ordering system from the ground bottom that suits your business perfectly. Aim for particular features that work superb for your market and boost your sales today.

So what is the difference you can get between a do-it your self and ground-up design QR code?

Seat number

Most ordering system platforms don’t have a way for customers to designate where they are sitting. The requirement for the customers to select the table number themselves can require extra attention from your staff and lead to mistakes during busy hours.

Dine-in vs. takeout

How do your customers designate the order as being for dine-in? Most of the time, it can lead to confusion on how most restaurants try to denote the order manually. Mistakes can be made, and replating the dish adds more tasks to the kitchen staff. 

All-in-one payment

Ordering and payment need to be recorded to be paid later altogether. And most ordering system platforms don’t allow you such things which customers need to pay every time they want to order a different dish.

Get Started with Restaurant QR Codes

An established QR code ordering system platform designed explicitly for you can eliminate all those issues above while keeping the tremendous benefits this technology brings to your restaurant. WhiteBean is an established company that integrates QR code ordering system for Mamak that particularly suits their market.

Image Credits: Edgar Castrejon