Since the pandemic, the urgency of online ordering has taken a new step in the food and beverage industry. The market has shifted towards online orders because it is convenient for the customers. And they love that.

This tendency does not seem to stop. People tend to use their mobile phones to purchase anything because it is convenient for them. On the other hand, business owners can reduce additional tasks they need to provide and save operational costs—a win-win solution for both parties.

People still love to go out for dinner. You can go to a mall on the weekend and see many people are trying to get in to eat in the restaurants. However, this tendency of customers to purchase using a mobile phone might not be a bad thing. As business owners, we should try to facilitate this tendency by providing a mobile application that they regularly use, including transforming in-house service using E-Menu. It does promote not only their behavior pattern but also improves the dining experience for your restaurants.

Here are some benefits you can get by integrating E-Menu into your restaurants:

Improve Customers Experience

Coming out to dine in a restaurant should give a better experience compared to eating at their home. Today, people can not move away from their mobile phones, and everything moves very fast, including their orders. By investing in E-Menu ensures your business retains your current customers and acquires new ones.

Your business should provide an outstanding experience for your customers, and E-Menu entices them with an attractive menu and ease through customizing orders as much as they like.

Speed ​​up the Ordering Process

You can place a screen for your customers to click through them and modify orders themselves without the need for waiters to write and remember everything that can cause errors. One staff might be enough to attend in case your customers need guidance.

People today tend to be tech-savvy, and they can add or remove items fast, reducing lead times thus increasing their satisfaction with your restaurants. You can also place recommended menus or chef’s recommendations to guide your customers.  

Simplify Menu & Pricing Updates

Using E-Menu, you can change any items or price on your menu. You can add or remove any items with just a few clicks. This feature is a significant improvement compared to traditional menus, whereas you need to reprint the whole menu or add a strikethrough, which makes your menu look messy.

E-Menu helps your restaurant looks more professional and ready to serve your customers. 

Increase Sales with Up-Selling

You can place several recommended items on the menu easily using E-Menu. You can help promote things that the customers rarely order can quickly become new favorites for them.

Gain an Advantage

As we mentioned before, improving your customer’s experience through state-of-the-art technology would never hurt. Even more, we see the tendency of how people’s behavior change.

There has been a lot of doubt over Amazon replacing the traditional market in the last ten years. People’s behavior keeps changing. Any business should adapt to these changes, including the food and beverage industry. Contact our professionals to discuss these five essential features and choose one that suits your restaurants to implement, starting today.