The best strategy for implementing POS software is to choose a system that perfectly suits your F&B business. For instance, if you have an existing POS hardware in your restaurant, you may want to extend that technology’s lifetime while making it easy to add new features such as mobile payments.

If you plan to buy a new POS terminal, you can choose to deploy cost-effective consumer technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, or even PC. It would help if you had a POS solution that is easy to use by your staff and customer at the same time. 

The ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience whenever they interact with your restaurant. For instance, when they choose an item, modify it, and make a purchase. 

Right now, we will break down how Mamak implements three crucial features of the POS system to increase the existing system’s efficiency.


Implementing a mobile POS solution is essential because sales associates can complete transactions anywhere on the sales floor. So your customers can do transactions from their table, which can avoid long queues and at the same time increase your productivity and reduce pressure on cashiers, especially during busy hours.

Just think about what Apple Stores do. Instead of waiting in a queue, a sales agent comes to you with a tablet or phone to help your order. This practice lets your waiters work with more people while your customers can stay at ease at their table. 

Employee and Inventory Management

Good employee management is necessary to track your restaurant staff attendance; the commission is paid while accurately calculating them based on the sales directly. It is easier to use and automatically transferred into your payroll system. 

You may need kitchen stock management to help you minimize rotting away your ingredients, thus saving operational costs altogether. WhiteBean can help you design state-of-the-art inventory management to help you monitor ready stock accordingly. Compared with sales of the meals so you will get a notification every time any ingredients are running low on stock.

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Your restaurant efficiency will increase with good sales reporting and analytics to a whole new level. Back-to-back sales and inventory monitoring can help avoid rotting ingredients while keeping all items ready for order. It helps increase sales and satisfy your customers by getting what they want to leave your restaurant.

Using the POS software can help you analyze your sales and let you know which items are selling, which is essential if you sell seasonal items and know what dishes are trending at the given time.

It increases your sales and satisfies your customers, which is difficult to track manually by your staff accurately. You can strategize better with accurate data and give incentives accordingly, including discounts or commissions for your staff to increase sales or try new things.

The Final Word

Good sales reporting and analytics are essential for any business, your restaurant if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. WhiteBean is capable of designing your POS software from ground up to bring many benefits that suit your existing business. Contact our POS System experts today and discuss how to implement these features into your restaurant.

Image Credits: Dolores Preciado