Most restaurant business owners today know how a POS system is beneficial in managing your operations, especially in boosting your restaurant productivity. Mamak has started using a POS system that can benefit from these four factors:

No room for errors

A POS system eliminates any mistakes within transactions with the technology to ring up all customer orders using a scanner for bar codes which step up from the cashier has to enter each item’s price manually. Thus, it can eliminate human errors from the cashier’s mistakes when registering the item. 

Not only reducing errors but a POS system also allows your staff to work faster, especially during rush hour. The customers will appreciate shorter queues when they are hungry. Your cashier will have an easier time with less pressure, thus serving customers better.

Kitchen inventory management

An inventory management module installed in your POS system can take your restaurant productivity to new heights. Now you can purchase ingredients more accurately based on sales data instead of waiting for your stock to be empty. It can eliminate the risk of running low on stock levels, ensuring you always have the right amounts of ingredients for your kitchen. Waste and over-stocking can also be minimized.

Schedule your staff efficiently

You can integrate attendance and timesheet modules into your POS system, resulting in instant access to staff rosters that allow you to compare the stores’ traffic patterns during a shift. Later you can manage the necessary staff with peak hours, taken by the most daily order. It will result in sufficient staff to handle work in the given time, satisfying both customers and your staff. Meanwhile, you can decrease your operational staff when the order is minimal, thus lessening unnecessary labor expenses.

Happy customers mean loyal patrons

A revolutionized system that helps manage your restaurant more efficiently will manifest in your customers. An efficient run store with enough staff, always available menu items, and fewer mistakes by the cashier will indeed generate more loyal customers. 

Significantly during crisis times when many are still looking to find their step in the new environment, a POS system will help you increase your restaurant productivity while cutting labor costs in the long run. 

This technology will help you stay ahead of your competitor while satisfying the demand of your customers. Contact our POS experts at WhiteBean today and discuss how to implement those features into your existing system. WhiteBean is a well-established partner that can help you boost your operational restaurant system to a new level.

While other restaurants still have problems managing their stock levels and employees, Mamak has stepped up its game and increased its reputation. Today, customers’ needs have progressed, so their expectations on how quick transactions should be done. A POS system is by far the best technology to accommodate the ongoing expectation set by your customers.

Image Credits: Davide Cantelli