The COVID-19 endemic somehow has accelerated the innovation of food and beverage orders. The QR code’s rise in popularity made accessing menus so simply by scanning using mobile phones. Today, QR code ordering provides the latest technology and most efficient ordering system for any customer worldwide. Especially customers in Malaysia that do not need to download any third-party application can scan the QR code on their smartphone or restaurant tablet and immediately send it to a menu screen. 

Please look at how this technology could improve your restaurant ordering system with its many features and benefits.

Easily fit your system

You can integrate your QR code ordering system in the form of a web application or website that suit your customers’ preference. It is quick and easy to set up a website. And on the customer’s end, they are always with their phone and already familiar with the digital interface.

However, you still need to provide a proper design that can easily integrate with your system. You can start by contacting WhiteBean’s professionals to consult on the useful features you need to integrate QR codes into your restaurant successfully.

Fast and proficient

QR code ordering makes ordering faster and more efficient for the food and beverage ordering process. Your customers do not need to call the waiter to place an order. Additionally, you can use this new system to track orders until they are delivered to your customers from the start. 

Manage peak-time orders

Peak hours are usually the most challenging parts of running a restaurant. Today with the digital ordering system, you can track orders, thus helping you to manage high volume orders. Self-service QR codes also help you reduce the workload of your staff. Essentially, the QR code allows your kitchen to focus on the food delivery while it takes care of the ordering and payment during peak hours.

Contactless ordering

Contactless ordering was in high demand and even more so today. While some customers have no concern about the availability of these features, others are still looking for a restaurant that implements safety protocols such as contactless ordering. It is safe to say that you have increased your customer’s reach by applying this feature.

Insight into popular orders

A QR code helps record the most popular orders on your restaurant and peak ordering times as a system. These features help you manage your QR menu and present them with the most popular menu according to the trends. Give your management team these data to create the most profitable plan for your restaurant.

Reduce error

The QR code system is entirely automated. It saves your staff and customers unnecessary procedures of signing receipts and traditional ordering. Even more so, decrease human error order mistakes, while you can update your digital menu almost instantly without printing a new menu like on using a traditional menu.

Proven to add to revenue

The potential of the QR code menu is tremendously high. Not only are they very visual, but they also help your departments to design a proven upsell mechanics to increase your revenue per customer. Contact our experts at WhiteBean to discuss designing a proven QR code menu that can be easily integrated into your restaurant system.

Image Credits: Patrick Tomasso