Create better user experience with QR Code Marketing Campaign

QR Code for marketing campaigns make ­almost unlimited possibilities to create interactive user experience with your customers. It is very powerful and cost effective that even Alibaba, McDonald’s or even Spritzer used this strategy to create highly converting campaigns.

QR Code is always a fun and engaging experience to interact with your audience, despite its simplicity. With a single scan, you are conveying your marketing message and useful information in any format to potential prospects and loyal customers, be it at your store, your product, your paper bags, etc.

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How to create a successful QR Code Campaign?

There are 5 important key points to launch a successful QR code campaign:


Clear Objective

Clear CTA

Trackable KPI Dynamic QR Code

As a market leader in QR Code Technology in Malaysia, WhiteBean understands your needs and requirements based on our past experiences. We are specialised in creating campaigns for corporates and businesses to have highly engaged user experience with their customers.

With key points we implement with our customers, we believe that we can generate better results and make more happy customers we serve.

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What campaigns can be done with QR Code?

QR Codes are very versatile — they can provide guided information, trigger relevant message, etc. However, it’s important to align their function to your needs, especially in marketing, we can do wonders with QR Code –

Add QR Code coupons or gamify the experience via freebies - simply require the user to scan on the code and make a redemption. Eco-friendly and it saves a lot in printing cost.

Reward Members with loyalty points - retain loyal customers by offering rewards in a hassle-free yet simple scanning QR code

Online Contest Form - Display everything about the contest with just one scan.

Interactive Product Details – Scanning the QR Code on the product can educate your customers about the ingredients, benefits, etc without the hassle of searching in Google about the product. It is an awesome in-store experience

Tweaking the campaign - If the actual campaign is still progressing, make use of dynamic QR Codes so you can tweak the campaign as and when the campaign changes even after printing it on your product, materials or even a booth.

How WhiteBean Technology can help you improve your user engagement & experience in your store?


Scan QR Code – our easy to scan QR Code will provide almost fail-proof scanning on customer end


Customer lands to a highly customizable microsite


Customer can interact to join contest, redeem vouchers, points or even provide more info to your store experience. You can even collect leads via the microsite

What is a microsite?

The ​microsite that is connected with the QR code, is a customised landing page that offers users to interact with your campaign or even another option to share and track the information. This development also allows you a chance to retarget the customers in different campaigns or even provide better value of the service you provide.

WhiteBean is here to help you drive better user engagement in your marketing campaign with QR Codes.

Where can these QR Codes be implemented?

In Stores

This can provide engaging user experience by providing sufficient information or even interactive experience when customers scan

Brochures and Pamphlets

Finding hard to trace your marketing campaigns by brochures? Not anymore with QR Code technology. You can even provide special discounts if they scan the QR code.

Paper Bags and Receipts

You can let your customers redeem points and keep track about their points or even your upcoming campaign too!

Product Packaging and Inserts

Creative and interactive campaigns can also be deployed integrating your product packaging with QR Code. Interesting campaigns will attract more participation!

Create the ultimate QR code marketing campaign with WhiteBean

As QR Code is gaining more popularity after the pandemic, it is good time to use QR code as a cost effective marketing strategy. Leverage on our past experience and professionalism implementing the many QR Code marketing campaigns for corporates and businesses.


Explore your utmost creativity with us and we will work with you to create a seamless QR Code marketing campaign and implementation plan to reach your marketing objectives.

WhiteBean is the market leader in QR Code Technology and we hope by using our advanced technologies and professional skills, WhiteBean can bring better results to every customer we serve.

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