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About WhiteBean


We are new, and yes, we are small, but we have all it takes to develop a good software.


WhiteBean Sdn Bhd specializes in web application development, web design and development, eCommerce solutions and ERP. Our team has the experience and talent in implementing solutions that suit client’s needs. We have also our own software solution – eLeave system that provides companies an easy way to manage their resources.


We strives to provide practical and comprehensive services and solutions to our clients. It is always a great moment to know that our services and solutions are able to assist their daily business operations.


We have done it for many of our clients and we can definitely do it for you!

WhiteBean is your trusted technology partner.

Web Design & Development

WhiteBean recommends WordPress for content-based web portal, Opencart for e-Commerce web portal. We provide thousand of templates for you to choose from, if you prefer a unique design, you can take up our customised design service.

ECommerce Solution

eCommerce, a term used to indicate buying and selling of products or services conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet. eCommerce has been around us for the past decades. With the increasing popularity of group buy sites, social networking and e-marketplace, online shopping has become the trend to purchase items, be it groceries, household, personal, music, etc. you name it!

ERP System

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing

eLeave System

Leave management can never be easier. WhiteBean eLeave allows employees to manage their leaves anywhere, any time with just a click of the mouse.

Mobile Application

Want to make your presence known in Apple Apps Store? To have an apps in Apple Apps Store is not as difficult as you think, we at WhiteBean can assist you in corporate apps.

IPAD Newsstand App

WhiteBean helps magazine publisher convert and publishes their magazine in Apple App Store and very soon Google Play. If you are a publisher and your magazine has yet to sell on Apple App Store or Google

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