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Create your brand awareness online! Corporate website is an essential part of your business in this technology era. Nowadays, people tend to search online for company and product information before they proceed to actual purchase. Thus, if you do not have a website to inform people on your company and products, you might lose the opportunity to convert these people to your customers. Most retailers including the big names are already making their way to the online world – marketing and selling their product directly online to cater for the online customers needs.


Yet, there are still many companies that do not have a website for their business. The general misconception is the cost for the website. It is not necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars (or ringgits!) to build a customized web portal, we can always make use of ready-made open source solutions.

WhiteBean recommends WordPress for content-based web portal, OpenCart for e-Commerce web portal. We provide thousand of templates for you to choose from, if you prefer a unique design, you can take up our customised design service. The reason for using WordPress and OpenCart is the content management area provided, thus it is easy for you to make your own content updates and minor modifications to your website. No technical or programming knowledge is required, not like old times, where you need to call up your design company to change a minor typing error.


Why engage WhiteBean since WordPress is open-source and template-based?


We have the experience and expertise to configure and customize the website to suit your corporate identity. Once the website is completed and go-live, you can take over and maintain the website on your own. Otherwise, you can also engage our services to continue maintaining your website.


Apart from web design & development, WhiteBean also provides the following services:

Website Content Update

You provide the contents and images, we will fit them in to your website – from just profile or contact details update to periodic products & news update.

Server Maintenance

We are specialized in Linux servers, we offer maintenance services for servers in-house or in data centre or cloud platform. Contact us to find out more.

Server Setup & Migration

We are specialized in Linux servers. For customers that require our services to setup their Linux servers, we will be glad to provide assistance.