Restaurant automation and technology are rapidly changing the way restaurants operate and function. Combined with the restaurant POS system, self-ordering kiosks are fast gaining momentum in changing how customer place their orders at restaurants with high footfall.

You can deploy a self-ordering kiosk to your restaurant so that your customers can order the food directly from the kiosk. You can experience many benefits from integrating kiosks into your restaurant POS system. 

Not only do self-ordering kiosks work wonderfully at quick-service restaurants, but today casual dine restaurant also happens to experience benefit from this revolutionized advantage. It can reduce ordering time which makes table turn increased. Customer experience amazingly increased despite many consider self-service kiosks to reduce human touch. Many agree it reduces human error, increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. The implementations of this technology also fit today’s environment, as most tech-savvy millennials prefer to order by themselves and enjoy tinkering their order to their liking.

Reduced Ordering Time

Placing an order usually takes time, especially during peak hours. After implementing self-ordering kiosks, your customers can easily input orders to process directly to the kitchen. This practice reduces the order handling time significantly. Your customers are also able to navigate through the menu effortlessly and make quick payments using a kiosk.

They can collect the bill generated from the kiosk and served the food when it’s ready. Therefore, installing this technology reduces ordering time significantly, preventing delays and increasing table turns.

Reduced Labor Cost

The self-ordering kiosk also helps reduce labor costs. It provides labor savings by reducing the front staff needed in your restaurant. It would be best to make the instructions for ordering food clear and concise to avoid technical difficulties, especially for first-time customers.

Kiosks are a one-time investment, unlike employee wages that you need to pay every month. You can reallocate your staff to areas that better benefit the business, like in the kitchen.

Maximize Order Accuracy

There is the possibility for human errors when taking orders in the traditional way. Even though the servers are experienced and trained, pressure can lead to mistakes for both customers and servers in high footfall places during peak hours.

A self-service food ordering system lets your customers order at their convenience. It gives them the freedom to navigate through the menus and customize the order to their liking.

Helps In Upselling Your Product

The restaurant ordering system enables you to display multiple pop-up messages based on customers’ behavior. You can insert several images to make the dish enticing, making people more likely to order it. You can insert and customize menus as many as you like to increase the sales of the most profitable items.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Quick service restaurants are known for their swift service. You should avoid making customers wait 15 minutes to order food. Your reputation is at risk. 

By installing a self-ordering kiosk, you can decrease the order time and let your customers place their orders smoothly, even during peak hours. After accessing the full feature menu in their respective self-service kiosk, your customers can choose from a range of payment methods via credit-based payment or cash. The information you can input into your kiosk is up to you. However, it is advisable to highlight the critical steps to avoid confusion.

Customers love the convenience they receive from kiosks with all added benefits behind it. It can only lead to an excellent customer experience upon exiting your restaurant.

The restaurant industry today demands quick service and convenience above all else. The implementation of self-ordering technology helps to answer the predicament. It is fast, adaptable, and increases customer experience, making it an essential value for any quick-service restaurant.

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Image Credits: Igor Starkov