How do you serve more valuable guests, reduce queue lines and increase customer satisfaction, all without additional labor expense? Get in touch with the best self-service kiosk solution provider for restaurants here.

Self-service kiosks technology can allow customers to place their orders by themselves, without necessarily depend on a waiter or cashier. Right now, most self-service kiosk software is readily available as a feature of the restaurant POS system. With some free-standing kiosk, options integrate with multiple systems. 

Many customers nowadays prefer a self-service kiosk to order their service at a restaurant. Even more, since the pandemic occurs last year, customers will try to avoid contact with a waiter. Thus, increasing the demand for a self-serving kiosk in every restaurant as of today.

What are the characteristics of the best Self-Service Kiosks?

The best kiosk software works without any issue with your POS system, display screen, and payment processor. You will be able to add food photos into it, modify as necessary, and many additional features. Especially, the best kiosk is capable to store data thus suggest trending items that are sold in your restaurant.

Many elements will be required in determining the best self-service kiosk in the market. What are the characteristics of the best self-service kiosks?

POS integrations: Kiosk software should integrate with your POS system.

Price: Return of investment should be considered. The best kiosk has affordable initial costs with long-term maintenance service guaranteed.

Ease of use: The kiosk interface needs to be as simple as possible and responsive when customers navigate it.

Set up: How capable the hardware is, given the requirement to be responsive to customers.

Payment processing: Many reliable forms of payment can help customers choose their purchasing options, whether it is credit and debit cards, e-wallet, or gift cards.

Security: The best security is a must to ensure the safety of the customers and the restaurant itself. PCI-compliant is a must.

Benefits of Self-Serving Kiosk in Restaurant

Enhance the flow of your customers’ orders

Enhancing your service is crucial to your restaurant business. 

With the use of a self-service kiosk, each customer does not need to wait for a waiter to be able to make an order. Thus, increasing the flow of the orders.

Order accuracy

Wrong order can be avoided since it is done directly by the customers, which will improve the service of your restaurant.

You can also change the display and menus in the system without adding more cost. A lot can be done with this feature, such as promotion day or adding a trending item.

Customer’s experience

With a faster and reliable order, a kiosk can help increase your customers’ satisfaction. 

Even more with how technology has developed and integrated into society, many young customers would prefer a more individualistic approach that is more efficient at the same time.

With many additional features, a kiosk has, you can add trending items that will increase sales.

Safety measures

During this pandemic, the self-service kiosk can help prevent the spread of coronavirus to your customers and your employee.

This can save costs and your restaurant reputation which is very important to the business.


In this digital era, customers are looking for a reliable and efficient service in a restaurant. 

Look no further, as WhiteBean provides self service kiosk solution for restaurants at an affordable price. It allows your business to meet customers’ expectations while at the same time cutting labor costs and reducing operational errors. Especially during this pandemic, when your customers will prefer to minimize contact as much as possible.

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