A ticketing kiosk is a great fit to pair modern customers and fast-paced businesses through self-service technology. It provides a quick and easy way for customers to purchase fares for buses, trains, or air travel. However, today its implementation can also be seen in other environments to provide shorter queues, increase sales, and a better experience for the end-users.

A ticketing kiosk is an automatic self-service solution that provides ticket sales using an electronic system. Your customers can purchase what they need without waiting in line to speak with staff, letting you utilize your workforce for more pertinent tasks. This technology has become an integral part of many businesses as they provide several significant benefits. Automation allows you to allocate staff to a more complex task of your business. It also functions as another marketing tool, which presents a more interactive way and visibility than traditional advertisements.

In this article, we list several benefits that impact your business on a day-to-day basis. It would be best to consider how it satisfies your customers and the additional revenue it potentially generates compared to traditional transactions.

Shorter waits

Long lines of the queue are a significant factor that negatively impacts your customers to your retail establishment. You might push back your customers away after they see the long queue. One research says that 50% of customers tend to conclude that a long queue impacts the business’s failure and not the other way around. Most of them tend to take their business elsewhere when they see a long queue line to get a cup of coffee before work.

Larger sales footprint

You can increase your sales footprint by placing ticketing kiosks in other locations to entice your potential customers to purchase. For example, when selling a movie ticket in restaurants where couples often dine before watching movies. You can calculate this behavior pattern to predict what your customers need and help them with that. The restaurants can receive a portion of the sales and even offer more services to increase revenue. 

More efficiency

Efficiency is always a good thing, especially in a busy business with much demand to satisfy your customers. It is more efficient for one of your staff to help four or six people do the transaction using kiosks rather than having four people conducting the trade one by one.

Time is always valuable. And when you consider that into account, your customers appreciate that.


Your customers can conduct any transaction in almost any environment because of the versatility of self-service kiosks. They can withstand harsh outdoor climate and temperatures to help with sales. Not to mention, you can use bright screens to make it visible even in the most difficult of sunlight. 

Additional software and hardware can help print maps to seat locations and include cash or card for payment. It helps your customers do what they need to do, to purchase from your establishment. And ticketing kiosks allow this wholly anywhere they can with additional tweaks depending on your particular customers’ needs.

So here they are, the benefits deployers can begin realizing the day they connect their ticketing kiosk. For these reasons and others, WhiteBean recommends serious consideration of self-service ticketing kiosks for all venues where operators want to maximize profit.

Image Credits: Andy Li