Before the pandemic, Malaysia’s food and beverage industry has seen a significant rise since 2016. Even though it came to a halt for almost two years, it is predicted to rise in the coming years. People can now go out to eat and drink in a restaurant, and a burst of interest in this department will boost their tendency on a whole new level.

However, a strict protocol needs to be in place, and this is where self-service kiosks come into play. Customers walk in, order food and wait for their number to be called out. Once you collect your meal and drink, you go to the table to sit and eat. With these procedures, people are not afraid to dine outside, and it is at the same time also abiding with the current rules. You hit two rocks with one stone. 

There are several benefits a restaurant can get from a self-service kiosk. The most visible one is the speed of service. Every customer should come in and out quickly, thus increasing table turns, leading to more profits. We all know that the ordering process is always the most critical part of a restaurant business to grow revenue. It becomes a challenge for many restaurants to provide a better experience. During this pandemic, the most important things are comfort and safety for your customers.

A self-service kiosk allows the food and beverage industry to make significant efficiency and increase customer service with an easy to use platform. The user interface is always vital for self-service kiosks. If you need a UI/UX design that rightly matches your business, contact our experts at WhiteBean to discuss it further

With an exemplary user interface that increases customers experience, many restaurants have seen increased benefits from increased efficiency and revenue in their business. 

Cost efficiency

Even though a self-service kiosk requires an initial investment to start operating, you will get subsequent reductions in overhead over time. A self-service kiosk is capable of reducing and speeding up operational procedures. Thus, you are getting a generally cost-effective system that can save revenue in the long run.

Increased revenue

Through a self-service kiosk, your restaurant can sell consistently on every order. Therefore increase your opportunities to sell your product. Many customers say they are more comfortable purchasing multiple items using a kiosk rather than via staff order. Interestingly, the full customization provided to each customer at their fingertips allows them to upgrade any meals as they get precisely as ordered. A self-service kiosk can also display multiple images of items, helping to make the product more appealing than a single traditional menu.

In the end, self-service kiosks allow the food and beverage industry to make excellent efficiency and develop your business with technology. Do not forget that it also increase customer service for your business. A self-service kiosk helps promote social distancing during the pandemic. The F&B industry should consider implementing sooner rather than later as they offer many benefits. They are hard surfaces so easy to sanitise; they help shorten lines and limit interaction with your staff as it has risks for disease transmission. We can not neglect a self-service kiosk contribution to the F&B industry today and we also should expect more restaurants to implement this technology in the future.