With the arrival of touch screens ordering system in restaurants, staffs may no longer need to take orders themselves but serve instead as delivery people between kitchen and table. While high-end restaurants still eschew the touch screen in favor of the traditional personal touch in taking orders, many other types of restaurants, including fast-food and moderately priced restaurants, increasingly provide customers the flexibility to do the ordering. If you indulge in the restaurant business, you should consider whether touch screen technology may suit your operation.

However, there are so many different touchscreen POS providers that it is challenging to know which vendor you should prioritize for your business. Additionally, it is not easy to separate fact from fiction regarding hardware features and benefits with such rapid technological advancement.

So, should you offer a touchscreen ordering system in your restaurant? Today we will discuss some of the top-line benefits of a touch screen POS system. This way, you can decide if a touch screen is right for your unique business.


The primary application of touch screen technology in dining establishments is for ordering. You can add new items on the menu quickly and efficiently or remove unavailable items easily. Patrons can customize orders, such as adding toppings to a sandwich. Touch screen ordering should reduce the time from order placement to fulfillment, a crucial point for customers on the go.


In some restaurants nowadays, touch screens are replacing cashiers. Customers pay the bill by swiping their debit card or credit card from a device located at the table or near the order counter. You can precisely track your customer’s purchasing habits and which menu list appeals more to specific demographics. 


With touch screens ordering systems, you can streamline organization and inventory management. You can track the items customers are ordering while keeping an up-to-the-minute inventory. Because of its precision, the software in a touch screen system ensures that food items will not be over-ordered through the supply chain, avoiding spoilage and shortfalls. Various sales, ordering, and delivery information is readily available, depending on the type of software used by the restaurant.

Employee Management

By using a touch screen ordering system, restaurant owners and managers can easily track their staff. In the end, you can monitor which staff worked, how long they worked, and so on. You can easily manage the team better with this information.

Kitchen Use

In a busy kitchen, touch screen use clarifies orders, making mistakes less likely. Once the customer or wait staff using a touch screen places an order, it heads directly to the kitchen. If your kitchen service is more efficient most of the time, this could result in higher volume. Managers can gauge what time an order was submitted and how long it took to reach the customer. If your restaurant offers a delivery service, touch screen ordering with some systems denotes the delivery person’s order’s destination and directions.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Finally, the touchscreen ordering panel system can positively impact customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry. Touchscreen interfaces improve user satisfaction. And touchscreen ordering panels are no exception. For these reasons and others, countless fast-food restaurants now use touchscreen panels to accept customers’ orders.

WhiteBean’s touch screen self ordering kiosk solution is designed from the ground-up to effortless handle and digitalize the menu and ordering aspect of businesses to accommodate to the “new normal”. To get more information on this technology and how it can successfully increase customer satisfaction, contact the experienced self service kiosk professionals at WhiteBean today.

Image Credits: Serge Esteve