From helping during the pandemic to revolutionizing the food and beverage industry, the self-ordering kiosk has certainly caught people’s attention nowadays. With the continuous improvement of technology, the self-ordering kiosk is now able to help increase sales productivity and give a better experience for the customers.

If we want to learn from the past, Wi-Fi connectivity, a loyalty program and an app-based ordering platform have solidified themselves as a must-have feature for a certain restaurant. The footsteps are almost similar, from just an additional feature any restaurant can offer to a requirement that customers want to have when dining. 

How do self-ordering kiosks help your businesses?

The popularity of self-service kiosks has increased, especially for the food and beverage industry. Many fast-food chains have shifted their ways, utilizing a kiosk as their order system. If we look deeper, customers are constantly looking for a better way to improve their experience. A self-ordering kiosk provides a convenient, easy and quick method of ordering. At the same time, it also benefits the business tremendously.

Order in a flash!

Self-ordering kiosk certainly benefits businesses Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Casual Restaurant by adding several essential features to speed up the process. Compared to the traditional method, customers can take their time to order and customize food without a long queue. Your customers do not need to communicate and wait for order confirmation like the traditional ordering system.

Take a look at how ATMs replaced Bank Teller a decade ago. You can now deposit, transfer and withdraw money on ATM faster than ever before. A similar thing can be said for the self-ordering kiosk.

A shorter queue line also means you can speed up your service and help the complete restaurant order and increase transactions. Your staff can also be employed on other tasks which help your whole restaurant operations. 

No more wrong orders

Your customers now have full control of the orders. Using a self-service kiosk, customers will have the freedom to customize their order, pay and receive whenever they like.

Any communication error can be mitigated. Which often happens during communication between your staff and customers. Reducing order errors certainly can increase your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase restaurant ROI

As mentioned beforehand, your customers can customize their orders freely. This leads to an automatic upselling process, capturing the highest possible opportunity for your restaurant. 

You can add more features to offer a discount for additional drinks or side dishes that they may miss out on. In the end, it will lead your customers to browse more on-sale items to purchase and increase ROI for your restaurant.

Ready to have your kiosk?

The self-service kiosk is certainly on the rise, especially in Fast Casual Restaurant that encourages order quantity, and it begins revolutionized Food and Beverage industry as a whole. It could be a smart step for business owners to innovate their restaurant, given its main advantage, easy-to-use, convenient, and efficient.

Stay one step ahead of your competitor by implementing innovation into your business. Get in touch with our professionals to design a comprehensive experience for your customers.

Image Credits: Clem Onojeghuo