Improving customer service proves to be one of the essential goals every restaurant owner desires. It helps with stability, growth, and of course, profits. Technology plays a significant role in the food service industry due to the improved service offered by self-service kiosks.

How having a self-service kiosks improved customer service?

Many aspects of customer service include feeling about the experience upon leaving, order waiting and service duration, and food taste. Self-service kiosks provide the benefits to decrease any frustration from waiting, especially during busy times. A similar experience happens for bill payments, as you can alternate using a kiosk with contactless service instead.

Here are several benefits self-service kiosks bring to an increase in profits to your restaurant.

Restaurants Benefit from Self Service Kiosks

Many restaurants have seen a significant increase in desert and appetizer sales using a restaurant kiosk to order. The reason mainly because customers feel more comfortable and less self-conscious about ordering from a kiosk rather than face to face.

It also impacts the number of customers purchasing using a kiosk. Thanks to the faster service the restaurant point of sale system brings, ordering time is reduced significantly.

Improve customer experience

You can start implementing an online strategy to integrate orders directly into your POS system. Thus, every order can go directly to the kitchen, saving both time and effort to confirm each order manually.

Additionally, your usual front staff can engage more with your customers instead of running around to verify orders.

Conveniently order an additional side dish

It comes as no surprise that measuring customers’ satisfaction with good service reflects on convenience. There are several essential things to notice for the comfort of your customers. Such as wait times to pay after dinner. These are areas that can make a massive impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Installing self-service kiosk technology can be a massive differentiator in customer experience strategy, and it’s becoming expected in the modern world. It allows customers to browse the menu, order, and pay the bill quickly, improve their customer experience.

Safety measures for customers

What you should avoid in this case is laying unnecessary pressure and stress on your staff. The benefit of self-service kiosks is faster and more efficient ways of ordering, which should reduce wait times and avoid negative reviews. The aim of restaurant kiosks isn’t to devalue staff or be used to filter workers. The purpose of self-service kiosks is to improve the customer experience with your restaurant and to support servers. People still want service with a smile!

Ultimately people want fast customer service. We ensure that’s achieved with our food kiosks if you promise to make the food as delicious as always!

You can use several self-service kiosks to help customers check out faster during busy times. A single employee can then monitor these kiosks at the same time. There is an option to consistently add relevant coupons at checkout where the cashier might forget from time to time. 


Self-service technology seems preferable, especially during busy periods where waiting times could be a problem for many restaurant businesses. Overall, as business owners, you can enjoy increased revenue while your customers experience a better customer experience.

To get more information on this technology and how it can successfully increase customer satisfaction, contact the experienced self service kiosk professionals at WhiteBean today.

Image Credits: Sam Moqadam