In today’s world, where basic needs have been met, customers seek more such as the hospitality aspect. Ensuring customers’ satisfaction and good experience throughout proves to be mandatory to compete in today’s market.

The quality of service has increased on self-service aspects. With the improvement of technology in everyday life, people are comfortable using and interacting with what they usually use. A self-service kiosk nowadays is just like a smartphone. You can implement a similar interface to increase their satisfaction.

Even more so, during COVID-19, we can see the growth of contactless services to limit virus transmission. You will likely use self-service kiosks more often during the new normal. If you think of implementing one on your business, here are a few reasons why self-service kiosks can grow your business to a whole new level.

Ordering speed

Next-day shipping or guaranteed delivery timeframes proves customers’ desire for immediate satisfaction. And self-service kiosk itself is speed. This benefit is the main reason it is being used in fast-food restaurants because it can dramatically reduce wait times.

Especially when your restaurant has a long queue line, it is a good time to think again about implementing a self-service kiosk. Some customers will order from other restaurants when they see the queue is long enough. Thus self-service kiosks can increase your revenue while also increasing their satisfaction of not waiting in line for too long.

Data is King

A self-service kiosk is like an app in your smartphone that can store and manage customers’ data to help improve your business. You can track how many orders are waiting in line, the most purchased customized meals, favored drinks, and so on. These data can be processed into analytic metrics to track sales profit, cost, KPI, etc. which would help you in making critical business decisions.

Safety and Security

Although the amount of COVID cases has been reduced tremendously in Malaysia, people are still looking for a dining place that is safe and secure. We can still see many adopting the new normal with masks, and social distancing becomes permanent.

A self-service kiosk is easier to clean, and your customers’ do not need to interact directly with the waiter, thus increasing safety. After ordering, you can wait at the table to be served and enjoy your meals with your partners.

Some studies show that customers still prefer restaurants that implement health protocols as safety measures to COVID. We somehow can agree to that as it would not hurt to be safe. With the evolution of customer behavior nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and it is not difficult to order through a kiosk like it used to. 

A self-service kiosk has tremendously helped a lot of businesses thrive during COVID-19. Even in the new normal, there are a lot of benefits customers’ can get from a kiosk, from safety and security to ordering speed and data to increase revenues. 

It helps revolutionise the restaurant business on how to approach your new customer’s behavior to increase their satisfaction and increase revenue at the same time. Contact our experts at WhiteBean to learn how to implement a self-service kiosk that suits your business.

Image Credits: Priscilla Du Preez