Providing excellent customer experiences matters the most in today’s world, especially in hospitality services. Self-service kiosks have become commonplace in restaurants, airports, healthcare, and also hotels. This hospitality industry has always been about luxury and exceptional customer service, so no surprise that many hotels have installed self-check input kiosks for their guests to offer additional flexibility and convenience during their stay. Guests appreciate flexible services while also demand personalized customers service at the same time. As a result, they are likely to come back for more visits in the future.

Self-check input kiosks are automated software that guests use to complete tasks themselves instead of relying on hotel front desk staff. This way, additional hotel staff can be free and help deliver personalized customers service like no other before.

Better use of hotel resources

To offer the best service possible, hoteliers should make optimal use of their resources. A self-service kiosk can transform existing services for your guests.

Automating the check-in and check-out process gives your staff the freedom to have more meaningful and personal conversations with guests. Your team can advise a guest as they head out, tending to an urgent issue, or just taking the time to engage in friendly conversation with your guests. These small interactions enable your hotel employees to offer a more intimate experience, thus build meaningful rapport with your guests.

Faster check-in and out experiences

Of course, your guests want convenient experiences since they first enter your hotel until they leave. The initial impression starts in the hotel lobby. Long wait times to check-in and out leave a poor impression on your service. Being on time while traveling is essential. A long wait time may affect the guest’s schedule and the timeline for the rest of the day.

Suppose we compare with a traditional check-in process where guests have to speak with a receptionist. Which also includes filling out paperwork and repeating information already provided during the booking. With a self-check kiosk, guests can skip the check-in line by simply looking up their name, email, booking number, or scanning their government-issued ID. By implementing a self-check kiosk can drastically reduce front-desk lobby wait times and queues.

Personalized guest experiences

Self-check kiosks can gather valuable data about guest and their stay histories, including previous purchases, room preferences, and other special requests. When you integrate the kiosk into the hotel’s PMS (property management system), you can quickly access this data and give a more personalized experience for your guest.

Generate more revenue

Self-service solutions no doubt increase up-sell opportunities. With a robust self-check kiosk, guests can upgrade their room, redeem special offers, and also purchase extra services such as continental breakfast or room service, all in an effortless way. Many people do not react well to being sold things face-to-face, so adding additional benefits with a click appeals to this audience even more. This effort may contribute to an extra profit for your hotel without additional labor expenses.

Minimizes human error

Unfortunately, errors with hotel bookings can be common sometimes. Regrettably, there is a chance of misspelled guest name or the wrong selection of the room type accidentally. No matter how trained your staff member is, humans still make mistakes, especially when juggling multiple tasks at once.

Using a self-check kiosk, you can avoid common errors and improve the way you engage with customers. Self-service kiosks record customer data accurately because they input the information while registering and then checking in. Therefore, you can minimize opportunities for mistakes greatly.

More freedom and convenience for hotel guests

Hotel guests appreciate different options to provide for their needs. Some prefer to deal directly with your staff, and others prefer to handle check-in and out independently. Still, offering a self-service kiosk enhances the guest’s freedom and affords them a level of control that will improve satisfaction. Self-check kiosks provide your guests with a range of flexible options they can access at any time.

Contactless check-in

With the current state of the pandemic globally, safety and sanitation are of paramount importance for travelers and employees in your hotel. This reason is why contactless services are growing in value. You can reduce the time it takes for guests to check in and out while keeping interactions to a minimum. You can minimize foot traffic, eliminate heavily populated lobbies, and encourage an environment where social distancing is possible.


Self-check kiosks provide a broad range of advantages to hotels, employees, and guests. Seamless check-in and out experience means more convenience, more authority, and elimination of frustrating lines for each guest.With versatility in mind, WHITEBEAN’s self-service kiosk solution offers a wide assortment of peripheral options. We can integrate any combination your business requires into a hotel check-in/out kiosk that no one has created before. We are all about creating a uniquely yours solution.

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Image Credits: Francesca Saraco