A self-service kiosk is a comprehensive solution you need to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. Integrate a self-service kiosk option for your customers in various industries, including fast-casual restaurants, cafeterias, and retail.

A self-service kiosk solution which implemented correctly will improve customer service, increase sales, and assist your existing workforce, not replace it.

Customize the Order

Give the option for your customers to place their orders personally at a kiosk. They will view pictures, and descriptions of all menu items, including the ingredients, to ensure their meal is customized just the way they prefer it. This customization can be particularly beneficial for customers with an allergy to a specific ingredient or maybe just an extreme allergy to mayonnaise. 

It will also decrease order mistakes, speed up service, and keep lines short at the counter. Additionally, you can add a discount and update it, so customers do not feel they’re missing out on a bargain.

Line Busting

During busy periods, queue lines tend to get so long at ordering and checkout counters. Integrating a kiosk with your existing POS enables your customers to bypass lines, place their orders, check out, and be on their way.

If you are a retailer, this will increase sales, ensuring customers don’t get frustrated and abandon carts full of stock. On the other hand, it will increase table shifts and ticket sizes for your restaurant business.

Faster Service

Kiosk POS solutions are ready to be configured for just about every industry. In almost any circumstances, the ability to speed up service is the driving force behind this technology’s return on investment. Customers want what they require when they want it, and self-service kiosk POS solutions deliver immediately. 

These self-service solutions also aid workers by allowing them to spend more time with each customer they meet at the counter. Each staff who has more time in their hands tends to make fewer mistakes and deliver the human touch that upselling requires, thus increasing profit.

Take the Strain Off Employees 

In busy periods, the pressure can develop on your staff on the front counters and create stress and tension, impacting the team and the customers altogether. This situation can lead to your staff becoming frustrated and potentially making mistakes and the customer’s satisfaction dropping. 

In the end, it may ultimately influence the bottom line of the business. These problems can also cause further issues such as staff turnover and customer retention. It will take much more effort to reverse abysmal customer service experiences. 

An integrated POS kiosk solution is a great tool to keep customers and employees happy. In addition, it will increase employees’ overall productivity and quality, mainly if your business relies on repetitive transactions. 

Increased Customer Service

The integrated self-service kiosks will generate new opportunities and capabilities based on delivering shorter queue lines and focus on customer service while not dropping out on efficiencies. 

The customers who desire more personalized service will choose to go to the counter instead of the self-service kiosk. At this time, your employees are ready to spend more time with them and deliver a much higher standard of customer service.

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Customer service is growing based on the changing needs and attitudes of customers. 

The speed of service has led to the implementation of self-service kiosks in many types of businesses’ point of sale.  One area that you might constantly notice is self-serve or self-registration kiosks at the supermarket checkout. 

Integrating a self-service kiosk into your existing POS ensures the customer is effortlessly aware of all new upgrades and services in your stores.

Image Credits: Nathan Dumlao