Is the physical menu being replaced as of today?

Menus are the tool for a restaurant to showcase their product to the customers. A good menu can entice customers to confidently purchase meals and drinks even upsell using good presentation through a menu. Be it a physical or QR code menu; it can upsell and let customers conveniently browse the items. It is considered an excellent menu to be used by restaurants. 

The physical menu, in this case, lacks several benefits that the QR code menu possesses. Enticing images and a complete description of the item is two of many things physical menus lack.

Can physical menus stand the test of time? Or is it the time for it to step down and let the new technology replace it?

During COVID-19, cleanliness is an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for a restaurant. Cleaning the physical menu after each use is a timely ad meticulous process for your staff. Not to mention when many restaurants use paper based menus and dispose of them after a single use. The operating cost will increase, and it costs the environment simultaneously.

QR code menus offer several significant benefits for a restaurant to thrive in today’s environment.

Understanding QR Code Menus

This new technology is the newest wave of environmentally friendly menus and is easy to use in a restaurant. The requirement is a smartphone with a camera that most people are already familiar with.

You can place these QR menus on every table of your restaurant, ready to be scanned by the customers that just arrived at the table without further instructions. The main point is to give clear instructions to your customers by highlighting the QR code to start the order.

QR code menus minimize contact between parties while dining at the restaurant and eliminate the need to clean each physical menu. When you link the code to your website menu, it will, at the same time, increase awareness for your business online.

Here are several tips for optimizing your online menu: 

1. Use Easy to Read Fonts

Easy to read menu is essential to a good menu. Use a clear font that complies with your overall design. That way, you can communicate the information clearly to your customers.

2. Avoid PDF Documents

PDF files are difficult to open and essentially not optimized to view on a mobile phone. The fonts are usually too small and require zooming to be displayed clearly. 

A good design menu is vital to display the full potential of your restaurant product. WhiteBean is experienced in delivering an all-rounded design suitable specifically for your restaurant. Contact our experts to help you boost your sales today.

3. Show Full Descriptions of Menu Items

It is mandatory to display a complete description of the items to reduce additional communication between servers and customers.

It is mainly easier to display a full description when using a digital menu, unlike a physical menu that is limited by the size and the number of pages of the menu.

4. Include Prices for Each Item

It will help if you include prices for each item in the menu. It is considered an essential factor for customers when choosing a dish. Price can be an important way for a restaurant to communicate with customers and show their value.

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